A gift to the President from the north “poll”

[A CNN poll, released on Dec. 23, 2010, offers some encouraging news–and perhaps a word of caution– for President Obama.]

Two nights before Christmas, surveying the land,

A poll put good news in the President’s hand.

Fifty six of a hundred folks made this confession:

“Obama did well in this year’s lame-duck session.”

The Republicans’ rating was just forty-two.

Oh, the damage that Senate obstruction can do!

Even Congress’ Democrats, damaged by voters,

Got forty-six, trumping GOP gloaters.

But it didn’t stop there, for on further inspection,

The surveyed said they like Obama’s direction.

Fifty-five say, “He’s moving our country correctly,”

With the GOP going the wrong way directly.

And out of 100, fifty-nine said,

“In reaching for compromise, Obama’s ahead.”

While just twenty-eight, who cannot be faking,

Saw Republicans doing the giving and taking.

“So, who is the source of the blockading passion,”

The surveyors asked, in surveyor fashion.

Here, Republicans won with a margin quite great:

46 to 28.

The lesson we learn from this poll is enlightening,

There’s a bit of good news, but the future is frightening.

Though some think the GOP’s good for the U.S.,

We’ll have to be careful, or else they will screw us.

Gloria Bilchik