Ken Robinson on changing education’s paradigms

Sir Ken Robinson believes our 21st century system of education is based on 19th century ideas that are no longer viable. He is calling for a new paradigm for how we educate our kids that takes into account their highly stimulating environment and dramatic changes in the world of work.

Taken from Ken Robinson’s website:

Sir Ken Robinson, PhD is an internationally recognized leader in the development of creativity, innovation and human resources. He has worked with governments in Europe, Asia and the USA, with international agencies, Fortune 500 companies, and some of the world’s leading cultural organizations. In 1998, he led a national commission on creativity, education and the economy for the UK Government.

For twelve years, he was Professor of Education at the University of Warwick in the UK and is now Professor Emeritus. He has received the Peabody Medal for contributions to the arts and culture in the United States, and the Benjamin Franklin Medal of the Royal Society of Arts for outstanding contributions to cultural relations between the United Kingdom and the United States. He speaks to audiences throughout the world on the creative challenges facing business and education in the new global economies.

Sir Ken was born in Liverpool, England and currently resides with his family in Los Angeles, California.