Roots Action launches anti-war campaign

They had me at Daniel Ellsberg. Ten minutes ago, a call to action landed in my email inbox. It took me less than a minute to decide to sign up. Roots Action defines itself as an initiative aimed at “galvanizing millions of Americans who are committed to economic fairness, equal rights, civil liberties, environmental protection — and defunding endless wars.”

Its opening salvo is simple: “We oppose the war in Afghanistan.” And it challenges supporters to reject “the false claims used to justify US troop casualties, vast military spending, countless foreign deaths and illegal acts…Choose jobs, education and healthcare over endless warfare.”

Roots Action’s list of high-profile supporters is a who’s who of the progressive movement: Jim Hightower, Naomi Klein, Cornel West, Daniel Ellsberg, Barbara Ehrenreich, Glenn Greenwald, Coleen Rowley, Norman Solomon and many others. It’s also a partnership with Common Dreams, a widely read on-line purveyor of breaking news and opinion for the progressive community. Roots Action offers a direct link to articles published via Common Dreams.

It’s refreshing to see the “professional left” mobilizing around a cause that has been neglected for too long. In all the talk about the US deficit and “unbridled spending,” the misguided, pointless expense of our military invasion of Afghanistan is rarely mentioned. I’m hoping that the people on that irresistible Who’s Who will really be the movers and shakers they appear to be, and that they’ll be effective in mobilizing the anti-war troops to help us to end the war in Afghanistan and restore reason and responsibility to our national economic dialogue.

I’m in.

  • Annman

    Very exciting article. We should all be in!

  • The problem is that President Obama is still supporting the same dream that got President Bush into th Bush Wars. Before her appointment, Condoleezza Rice wrote about her concept of foreign policy. It was quite the same as the Project for the New American Century. It is based on our victories in W.W..II and the Cold War, which tells conservatives that America is the world’s best and should maintain its post-war dominance in the world, not through international law and negotiations, but by force. Now President Obama is “pivoting” to the Far East and the oil potential of the South China Sea. Our chain of anti-missile systems is designed to “contain” Russia and China. and to keep our dominance in the Western Pacific. 
    This is an ambitious and very dubious project. As Secretary Gates said, “anyone proposing a land war in Asia should have their head examined.” We are now proposing to dominate the area with our navy and air force. Whatever is in the South China Sea it is not ours.
    This project has little chance of success. It will cost many American dollars and lives to conrtrol these resources. If successful, the profits will belong to the offshore oil companies who hide those profits abroad. Are the American people not tired of dying for corporations
    that have no loyalty to the United States? We should be investing in our children and America’s future.
    — Peter Cohen