“Job Tracker” lists employers who violate fair labor standards

Who’s violating fair labor standards in your neighborhood? And which companies in your area are outsourcing jobs? You can find out at Job Tracker, an online database maintained by Working America.

Reporting violators of fair labor standards is a new addition to Job Tracker. Working America has just added 40,000 new records from the U.S. Department of Labor’s Wage and Hour inspections database. The new records track corporate violators of the Fair Labor Standards Act [FLSA], which governs minimum wage, overtime pay and child-labor laws.  Job Tracker enables you to see companies by zip code, with the number of violations, the number of children employed illegally, back wages paid, fines assessed and information about companies considered repeat or willful violators.

The new records build on Job Tracker’s first-of-its kind consolidation of data about mass layoffs and anticipated plant closings, OSHA violations, labor law violations, and listings of companies that have sent jobs overseas.  Job Tracker is a joint project of Working America and the AFL-CIO and contains data on over 400,000 companies. Working America, a fast-growing organization for working people in the U.S., has 3 million members.