Reflecting on Osawatomie

The president’s speech in Osawatomie

Was populist, just as it oughta be

He defended the middle,

Put one-percenters on the griddle,

And decried our financial dichotomy.


Like TR, one hundred years prior,

He campaigned with political fire.

“Fair shot” or “fair deal,”

Both have great appeal.

But, no doubt, he’ll ignite right-wing ire.


But if now’s not the time, then when try it?

He can change our political diet

From right-wing “ideas”

To liberal panaceas,

And hope that the voters will buy it.


So, for lefties who seriously doubt,

That they know what Obama’s about,

When we get to November,

We need to remember:

A right-wing Republican president is something we can really do without.