Who Am I? 2011 Newsmakers photo quiz

Now, class, who has been paying attention to the news this year? Class? Class? Anyone? Bueller? If you have, this little quiz will be a snap, although it’s sometimes more difficult than we expect to identify newsmakers without an accompanying headline. All of the people shown above have made news this year–or deserved to have been in the news. Some of the images show newsmakers in their earlier, youthful incarnations–just to make it a little trickier. Don’t attach any special message to our selection: We basically picked people who have been in the headlines–whether they’ve made positive contributions to the world, or have been victims,  or have embarrassed themselves through scandals or misdeeds.

Just to make it interesting, give yourself 3 minutes to try to name all of the newsmakers. Then show the array to a friend or co-worker, and compare results. Don’t worry: the results will not go on your permanent record, unless you post them on Facebook.

Click here for answers.  [Spoiler alert: They’re all listed in one place, so once you click, no more guessing.]


15 correct answers: Card-carrying member of News Junkies Anonymous

12 – 14  correct answers: Political name-dropper

8 to 11  correct answers: Smarter than a fifth grader

4 to 7 correct answers: Need to check in more often

3 or fewer  correct answers:  Out of touch