What year is this, anyway?

When the ball dropped in Times Square at twelve o’clock high

I toasted and sang, but could not help but sigh.

A dozen years now, since we passed Y2K,

Still, few in the media know what to say.

We haven’t decided what words to be using

For the year that we’re in, and it’s rather confusing.

“Twenty-twelve” has its merits: It’s short and it’s nifty,

It sounds quite familiar, sort of like 1950.

But what about “two-thousand twelve?” Is it winning?

It seems that a trend toward that one is beginning.

So, let’s make a choice, and put it in writing,

And get on the same page when we are reciting.

Let’s nail this thing down; don’t be in between:

So the argument’s over by 2013.