A Democratic platform progressives can believe in

The Democratic Party yesterday approved a progressive party platform that stands up for Medicare, Social Security, the right to organize, and marriage equality, The contrast with the reactionary platform that the GOP approved at their convention last week illustrates well the fundamental differences between the two parties and the critical issues at stake this November.

Winning Progressive offers some of the platform’s highlights, noting key places where that platform is diametrically opposed to the GOP’s agenda. You can read the platform’s wording on Medicare, workers’ rights, campaign finance, taxes, reproductive freedom, equality and climate change here.

Of course, party platforms are not guaranteed to play out in the rough-and-tumble of real-world legislative politics. But in an election cycle in which the regressive Republican platform is being treated like a new Ten Commandments for the GOP, it’s reassuring to know that the Democrats have created a full-throated, progressive platform as a political counterweight.