Hybrids for everyone without buying new? It’s possible!

A professor from Tennessee is closer than ever to the marketplace for a hybrid kit that will allow everyone to transform their vehicles into hybrids. Professor Charles Perry says that he and his team of university students are developing a kit that will sell for around $3,000 and turn any gas vehicle into a hybrid with the use of a lithium ion battery. A bonus: the professor says it will be easy to install for some car owners.

Prof. Perry’s design takes a lot of the confusion out of hybrid technology, making it more realistic and accessible to car owners. The kit attaches to the rear wheels of just about any car or truck, and is powered by a lithium ion battery in the trunk. Sure, not everyone could install it themselves, but Perry insists that if you can change your brakes, you can install the kit.

Affordable hybrid technology that anyone can use and many can install themselves? This is the American innovation of bygone eras. Now if we can update our antiquated infrastructure, the future will look even brighter for all those hybrids.