Lttle ditty ’bout Mitt on tape

Each one of the donors kicked in 50 grand,

To hear where their candidate’s policies stand.

He gave them an earful, but he didn’t know

That his thoughts would end up on the R. Maddow Show.

While dishes were clinking and donors were drinking,

Romney showed off the depth of his thinking.

From welfare to terror to weapons deployment,

He served up some gems, which are causing annoy-ment.

“Half of the country are moochers,” he quoted,

And all of those deadbeats–we know how they voted.”

“Running for Prez is such a great fuss:

Being Latino would be a huge plus.”

“With Arabs and Jews at a hopeless impasse,

My intention is to just sit on my ass.”

And, while divvying us up into have and have-not,

He revealed his idea for a terrorist plot.

When the tape was revealed, and met with disdain,

There was no Mitt apology,  just this refrain:

“I meant what I said, and I said what I meant:

I don’t give a shit for the 47 percent.”