Alarming disappearance of Arctic sea ice

Climate change is real and presents a huge threat to life on Earth. It’s not a “theory;” it’s a reality, and it’s happening before our eyes. Long-term global warming, caused by man-made greenhouse gas emissions, is a stark and terrible reality that world governments are barely addressing.

One consequence of global warming is the alarming disappearance of Arctic sea ice documented in a new video produced by independent videographer Peter Sinclair for The Yale Forum on Climate Change & The Media. It shows in graphic detail what expert scientists now find to be the lowest extent of Arctic sea ice in recorded history.

From the Yale Forum on Climate Change website:

The shrinking of the Polar ice cap — providing protection much like a “giant parasol” — presents us “a big problem, a real problem, and it’s happening now, it’s not happening generations from now,” Rutgers University climate scientist Jennifer Francis cautions.

“There’s really nothing like what we’ve seen happen this year,” according to Francis. She calls the loss of sea ice in 2012 “just such a stunning example of how the climate system is changing right before our very eyes … something anybody can see, you don’t have to be a scientist.”