Dick Morris—yeah, that Dick Morris—called today

According to Dick Morris—the Republican political consultant and Fox News contributor who was the recorded voice on my phone a few minutes ago– “Barack Obama  is the biggest threat to the American way of life” that we face today. Morris, representing Citizens United, wants to tell me how bad President Obama is, and how I can find out even more about his nefarious ideas about America.

You remember Dick Morris, right? He once offered political advice to President Bill Clinton. Now he’s helping his Republican friends. But, hey. That’s where the money is. And I digress.

“Barack Obama doesn’t like how the United States was founded 236 years ago,” said Morris. “And that’s why my good friend Dave Bossie, the president of Citizens United—the group that Obama hates and fears the most—has launched a new project called ‘Obama: The Movie.’”

“With Hollywood in the tank for Obama, we’ve created this explosive production” that will reveal the truth about Obama, and which everyone should see, he continues. “It will help to dismantle Obama’s liberal agenda over the next few weeks.

The movie, first released during the 2012 Republican National Convention, is said to feature people who voted for Obama in 2008, but who are now disappointed and disillusioned.  I’m not sure, but I think Morris may have misstated the name of the movie. When I searched for it, I found its title to be “The Hope and the Change.” Maybe that title was too positive, and they’ve altered it since then?

Unfortunately, when asked by a live operator, “Which part of Dick Morris’ message did I like best,” I made the mistake of answering honestly. “None of it,” I said. And when I added that I wouldn’t trust anything Dick Morris said, she hung up on me. I’m sorry I did that, because if I had played along, I might have heard some more great, awful stuff about President Obama. And that would have made a better post. Okay. Next time I’ll try to be better, I mean worse.