​Poor Leon Cooperman, Chapter 2

Things just don’t seem to be getting much better for poor Leon Cooperman, about whom I have previously written on Occasional Planet.

He still feels that he isn’t getting any respect; respect that a billionaire feels entitled to from President Obama.
Read beyond the description of the dinner in  “Super Rich Irony”  in the Oct. 8, 2012 issue of the New Yorker magazine, where Anthony Scaramucci, a Romney financial adviser describes the mood of the event and the influence of Leon “Lee” Cooperman:
[Scarmucci] said that the guests had witnessed the “activation” of a “sleeper cell” of hedge-fund managers against Obama. “That’s what you see happening in the hedge-fund community, because they now have the power, because of Citizens United, to aggregate capital into political-action committees and to influence the debate,” he said. “The President has a philosophy of disdain toward wealth creation. That’s just obvious, O.K.? We talked about it all night.” He later said, “If there’s a pope of this movement, it’s Lee Cooperman.”
Then send Mr. Cooperman a little love.  Apparently blinis with caviar and blue-cheese panna cotta just aren’t enough.