Psst! Wanna see what your ballot will look like this year?

Everyone knows there is an election coming up. (It’s on November 6, 2012.) Not everyone knows that you can see your ballot in advance. It’s easy and takes about 1 minute. No matter where you live, you can see your sample ballot at Vote USA. The site asks you to type in either your 9-digit zip code, or, if you don’t know that, your street address. Voila! The ballot for your area–including all national, state and local candidates and ballot issues–shows up on your screen. It’s a fantastic and free service courtesy of your government.

If you’re curious what a sample ballot looks like, you can see mine here.

Now that you know what’s on the ballot, there’s no excuse to not do a bit of research and go vote.

  • I did quite a lot of research on the judges. And I am saying NO on three this year. Mary Bruntrager Schroeder of Circuit 21 Division 32, Dale W. Hood of Circuit 21 Division 34 and Sandra Farragut – Hemphill of Circuit 21 Division 42 – these three, based on their scoring done by fellow lawyers and jury.

  • Dunn Amurrican

    You were right to vote NO to Sandra Farragut-Hemphill. She is a sorry excuse for a “judge,” and the title “Honorable” does not apply. There is no justice in her courtroom, at least not if you’re white.