Ann Coulter wants me to be a Young Repub and stop Obama from ruining America

I’m not young. And I’m not a Republican. So, Ann, you’re calling the wrong number. But I do appreciate the call—because it helps me remember what we’re up against in the 2012 election, and beyond. And gives me a chance to remind myself of what an obnoxious, alpha, mean-girl, snotty sorority sister you are. [Case in point: During the third Presidential debate of this election, you sent out this outrageous tweet:




I’m not even going to try to enumerate the ways in which this tweet is offensive.

But I digress. Back to the robocall.

After throwing around some numbers and statistics about the woeful  state of the economy—which is 100 percent the fault of President Obama, according to Coulter, I learn about what she calls Barack Obama’s “exciting” [her word, delivered with dripping sarcasm] plan for America.

“Barack Obama will turn America into a bankrupt, European, socialist nanny state,” says Coulter. “So, this is our one chance to defeat Obamacare. If we don’t, that’s it. Obamacare will be here to stay, andthat will be end of American freedoms and liberties.”

“If Barack Obama is re-elected,” she goes on, “the future is dim. America as a land of opportunity and freedom will exist only in the history books.”

And now the [bizarre and inappropriately targeted] pitch for me to join the Young Republicans. “When I think of today’s young people, I weep that you did not come of age as I did during the Ronald Reagan years of peace and prosperity.” She weeps! Where’s my box of tissue when I really need it?

“Our 2012 Vice-Presidential candidate, Congressman Paul Ryan, is a member of the Young Republicans,” she notes.  [And if that doesn’t inspire me, what would?]

The call finishes with a call to action, which I will most definitely heed: “If you want to stop these calls, dial 1-855-530-7774.” Call it. Press 3 to be placed on the do not call list. But then again, doing that will stop me from receiving future calls from Ann. And that would be sad.


  • Adam’s Snapple

    Please tell me how I too can be placed on Ann Coulter’s call list and receive her valuable advice and life-skill tips of a poltical-social nature!!! (I happen to have no freakin’ life!)

  • I don’t digress. So Ann believes she’s, in her mind, a retard! Interesting way to self-describe and then try to project that inner-most self on the President. The jokes on the subhuman, Coulter! That is because she is one of the subhumans who willing puts herself in the limelight for all to see!

  • Glenda Liberal

    11/09/12 @12:46PM I just received this call and listened. Coulter gave a 800 something number quickly if you do not want to be on the calls list! What the freak! I had to put up with politial BS and hype before the election. Now this!! Where the devil is my privacy from the not liberal Ann Coulter. Keep your crap from my phone, I don’t have the time!

  • bry

    I was disgusted by this robo call and pressed every number and got through to some illiterate woman who was just part of a company hired by the idiots. I demanded a call back number and she gave me 855-530-7794 to call to protest.

  • Rebubli-Grinch

    I’m also neither young nor a republican. I am however already on a national “do not call list”. That did not stop this organization from calling me multiple times at home. When I tried to call this group and point out that they were in violation of the “do not call” order, they had an automated message refering me to their web page. Funny, they do not want to staff their phones but they are more than willing to tie up my time with offensive phone calls. Leave it to this group to believe their message is sooo important as to override my right to be left alone.