O’Donnell calls Des Moines Register’s Romney endorsement “magical thinking”

In 2008, the Des Moines Register endorsed then Senator Barack Obama for president over Senator John McCain. For largely inexplicable reasons, this year the Register endorsed former Governor George Romney over President Obama.  This is the first time that the Register has endorsed a Republican for president since 1972, when it urged readers to give Richard Nixon a second term, rather than supporting Senator George McGovern and his efforts to end the Vietnam War.

MSNBC’s Lawrence O’Donnell shows the absurdity of the Register’s thinking.  He reveals how the very reasons that the paper endorsed Obama in 2008 are even more apropos in 2012.  He shows how the reservations that it had about Nixon in 1972 in many ways apply to Romney in 2012.

Below, you can read a short summary of O’Donnell’s comments of Tuesday, October 30.  The full presentation is available in the following video.

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 …O’Donnell accused The Des Moines Register of “adopting Mitt Romney’s magical thinking” by endorsing the Republican candidate for president.

In the Rewrite segment on Tuesday’s edition of The Last Word, he called their decision one of themost embarrassing endorsements in the history of that newspaper.”

His bone to pick with the Iowa paper’s editorial board revolved around how they argued the case for Romney, not their specific choice of candidate. It’s “not because they chose Romney,” O’Donnell said. “Not because they chose a Republican, but because they gave absolutely no rational reason for it.”

The Register justified its entire endorsement on the basis of  consumer confidence.

The op-ed main’s rationale for Romney: “Consumers must feel more confident about their own economic futures to begin spending on the products and services that power the economy. A renewed sense of confidence will spark renewed investment by American companies. Industry will return to full production and hiring will begin again.”

O’Donnell said it’s the result of “pure magical thinking that the very sight of Mitt Romney taking the oath of office will suddenly make consumers run out to Best Buy and load up on TVs made in Japan.”

The last time the paper got behind a Republican candidate for president was in 1972, when they endorsed Richard Nixon.


  • Al Baston

    Great piece by the excellent Lawrence O’Donnell I saw last night on O’Donnell MSNBC Show The Final Word – O’Donnell showed the duplicity & hypocrisy so clearly in the Des Moines Register Endorsement that it’s completely disgusting and pretty screwed up!

    What a bunch of lies this shall and will be exposed for their own lies and partisan crap Have they even considered Romney’s blatant lies about GM & jeep?

    Republicans simply make-up the most appalling lies possible…

    Then get some republican news-writer/supporter to write the article as fact in which Romney simply quotes the article as fact – then runs with lie in television ads….

    This from the same article that was made up in the first place by Romney’s advisers and written by one of their own republican people, purposely written to distort, smear & lie as they put the lie as an article in one of their minor republican blogs and/or newspapers.

    Romney’s staff then gives the media the name of the blog or newspaper the lying article it was written in – and then we find out of course, it’s a little republican owned newspaper rag and a republican supporters writing what they are told….All and solely to trash Obama unfairly with complete lies & distortions.

    Scruple-less republican tactics!!

    This underhanded crap is just plain wrong….this reeks of Karl Rove tactics – These lies the republicans make up have absolutely no validity what so ever.

    Yet Romney just says he read it “somewhere” while still is going with the lie knowing all along it’s not true….. as GM & Chrysler have publicly and loudly stated Romney is telling a lie….

    Which doesn’t deter the lying flip-flopping say anything to steal the election Romney!

    Republicans are saying forget about the majority…we want our narrow right-wing views and agenda forced though, Republicans saying “Screw our Democracy.

    Greed & selfishness – Fragrant, blatant lies. – Simply shameless and sadly the sick corrupt arrogant vindictive hateful republicans really don’t care.