10 almost-certain predictions for 2013


1. No team will win hockey’s Stanley Cup because the season will be completely wiped out. As frequently is the case, it will be no fault of the players.

2. Grover Norquist will be a name heard less in December 2013  than January 2013.

3. No changes will be made to Social Security.

4. The St. Louis Cardinals’ Carlos Beltran will spend over half of the season on the disabled list.

5. Rush Limbaugh’s ratings will go down.

6. At least five Republicans who are possible 2016 presidential candidates will each visit Iowa five times or more.

7. Iran will not be attacked by Israel.

8. Scott Brown will not be in the U.S. Senate.

9. David Axelrod will shave off his mustache.

10. Neither the home mortgage deduction nor the charitable deduction will be reduced.

Arthur Lieber Arthur Lieber (472 Posts)

Since 1969, Arthur Lieber has been teaching and working in non-profit educational organizations. His focus has been on promoting critical, creative, and enjoyable learning for students in informal settings. In the 2010 mid-term elections, he was the Democratic nominee for US Congress from Missouri’s 2nd Congressional District.