George W. Bush’s Library: Political cartoon fodder

Of all the U.S. Presidents, in all of the White Houses, in all of our lifetimes [so far], the one I’d judge least qualified to have a library—you know, one of them booky thingies with “facts”and “documents” reflecting “thinking” -–is  George W. Bush. And I’m not alone in saying that. Recently [April 2013], when the George W. Bush Presidential Library opened at Southern Methodist University in Dallas, political cartoonists expressed in pictures what a lot of us were thinking. Here’s a gallery of some of their observations:bush no books









Bush library fiction
-Christopher Weyant, The Hill










-John Darkow, Columbia Daily Tribune
-John Darkow, Columbia Daily Tribune











Bush Library fountain cartoon








Bush library Luckovich
-Mike Luckovich









-Pat Bagley, Salt Lake Tribune