George W. Bush’s Library: Political cartoon fodder

Of all the U.S. Presidents, in all of the White Houses, in all of our lifetimes [so far], the one I’d judge least qualified to have a library—you know, one of them booky thingies with “facts”and “documents” reflecting “thinking” -–is  George W. Bush. And I’m not alone in saying that. Recently [April 2013], when the George W. Bush Presidential Library opened at Southern Methodist University in Dallas, political cartoonists expressed in pictures what a lot of us were thinking. Here’s a gallery of some of their observations:bush no books









Bush library fiction
-Christopher Weyant, The Hill










-John Darkow, Columbia Daily Tribune
-John Darkow, Columbia Daily Tribune











Bush Library fountain cartoon








Bush library Luckovich
-Mike Luckovich









-Pat Bagley, Salt Lake Tribune















  • So Bush did nothing right. I am trying to remember, didn’t Bush get congressional approval for both the Iraq and Afghanistan military interventions? Did Obama get congressional approve for military interventions in Egypt and Libya? I love how liberals like to rewrite history. Obama himself says to know him is to like him. Obama knows deep down G.W. is a good man and he was not as bad a president as he campaigned against. Go to GW’s Library and see for yourself. You may come out a better person.

  • CafeenMan

    Bush got Congressional approval. Yes. So what? Iraq was his idea and his lies (or were they Cheney’s lies???) In any case, he didn’t present the information he had to Congress or tell them the truth and without Bush pushing for war it never would have happened.

    The only people trying to “rewrite history” are Bush apologists and sundry other right wingers who don’t have the emotional maturity to ever admit they are wrong about anything. I did notice you didn’t take this opportunity to list all the great deeds done by Bush. I can’t think of any. Can you?