Guess the progressive: A video quiz

So many progressive role models, so much for them [and us] to do–and so many ways to do it. When things get tough for liberal ideas–as they are now–we need to keep reminding ourselves of the society-changing impact that activism, commitment to liberal principles,  and perseverance in the face of long odds can have.  Here on Occasional Planet, we’ve been publishing mini-profiles of people who have made a difference–whether it’s through their writings, their organizational skills, their heroic efforts on behalf of people in need, and the examples they set for the rest of us. You can find a new one every week, up there in the right-hand corner of the page. What continues to amaze us is the diversity of people who persist in doing this work, and the vast variety of ways they’ve found–or created–to help make the world move forward.

Now, just to make it a little more fun to learn about these inspirational people, we’ve created an on-line, video quiz: We show you a photo, you guess who it is, and then we reveal the details, including our subject’s claims to progressive fame.  You may not recognize some of them at first glance, but stick around, because all of them are definitely worth knowing about–and emulating.

Ready to try it? Here goes:


[Music credit: Tom Cascino,]