Benghazi: Political cartoonists have their say

Benghazi isn’t a scandal. It’s what the character named Detective Bobby Simone, of TV’s Law & Order, would have called “a situation.” [Simone once said, ” Everything’s a situation.” What he meant, of course, was that you can’t apply one-size-fits-all rules to everything that happens. And shit does, indeed, happen.] Such is the case with the attack on the American consulate [not embassy–there’s a big difference, people] in Benghazi on Sept. 11, 2012. Although Congressional Republicans–and let’s not forget the unfortunate Mitt Romney, who stepped into a huge puddle of oops over Benghazi during the Presidential debates–continue to rail, rant, stomp their feet, hold interminable hearings, throw tantrums, raise money off it,  and try to turn it into either an impeachable scandal or a future campaign talking point against Hilary Clinton–there’s no there there–and they know it.

Editorial cartoonists know it, too. Here are a few of their visual commentaries on the Benghazi brouhaha: