The seven-backpack solution: Sign the background-check petition

Are you one of the 90% of Americans who support common-sense, comprehensive background checks on all gun sales?

If you are, how about taking a minute to sign a petition to let your representatives and senators know where you stand?

Our legislators make the journey back to Washington, D.C., for the first day of the Fall session on September 9. Before they get there, Mayors Against Illegal Guns wants to deliver seven backpacks to the doorsteps of every local congressional and senate office across the country.

Are you asking yourself why seven backpacks?  Every day thirty-three Americans lose their lives to gun violence.  Among them are seven innocent children. Each one of those backpacks will be filled with signatures calling for comprehensive background checks that should help to make sure that every child will be around to start the school year.  The backpacks will also be a graphic reminder to those who have voted time and again against background checks of their abandonment of their first and most solemn duty—to protect the children.

Seven is a sickening number. Today as you read this post: Seven more dead.  Tomorrow and the day after and the day after. Seven plus seven plus seven. Add up the lost lives.  The math certainly isn’t difficult.

Isn’t it time we ask ourselves how many more sevens we’re going to turn away from? Go to this website, and click on “Sign the Petition.”

It’s the least we can do.

2011, Mayors Against Illegal Guns