Progressive Blog Digest: Girl talk

This daily blog, Progressive Blog Digest,  is composed of clips and links from other progressive blog and news sites, accompanied by my own observations. It documents the failure and decline of the Republican party and the efforts of the Obama administration to build a new, lasting Democratic coalition.

Something happens to Republican men when they talk about women and sex

GOP’s Huckabee on birth control:  Federal government shouldn’t help women who can’t control their libido

Huckabee on the female sex drive

Why women do not love Mike Huckabee: Daily Beast:

Tony Perkins blames President Obama for campus sexual assault crisis in bizarre rant

Rep. Steve Pearce (R-N.M.) has a new book in which the congressman argues a wife is to “voluntarily submit.” . . .Rachel Maddow

Rick Santorum defends Mike Huckabee rant

Wow. Bob McDonnell had a chance to plea bargain, to protect his wife. He refused.

Follow the money, cherchez la femme


Here’s a word you never want to hear: subpoena

Christie’s bridge scandal generates new federal subpoenas

Christie campaign, NJ GOP subpoenaed by U.S. Attorney: Daily Kos

Aides back Hoboken mayor’s story: Daily Kos 

More bad news for Chris Christie: Salon

The man behind the Chris Christie probe: Crooks and Liars


One of the things we’re learning about Tea Party candidates: people this crazy about their political views are often . . . errr . . . unreliable in other respects too

Steve Stockman Goes Missing: Daily Kos

Tea Party firebrand Steve Stockman may be running the worst primary campaign ever: Salon

One-time conservative wunderkind Dinesh D’Souza has crashed and burned: Talking Points Memo

Dinesh D’Souza’s series o unfortunate events: Daily Beast


The Heritage Foundation: back from the brink?

Heritage Foundation hires Stephen Moore: Talking Points Memo

Stephen Moore to the rescue: Washington Monthly

Bonus item: What John Boehner really thinks: Daily Beast