Chris Christie, persona non grata: Progressive Blog Digest

Rough times for Chris Christie: first, as chair of the Republican Governors Association he’s visiting states to raise money. Problem is, Republican Governors don’t want to be seen with him.

The embattled GOP governor gets a chilly reception in the Lone Star State: Salon

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie is coming to Florida to help fundraiser for FL Gov. Rick Scott in Palm Beach, Fort Lauderdale and Orlando. The venues are like a state-held secret now that Christie is taking fire over “Bridgegate.”  – Miami Herald/Naked Politics

Keeping Christie at arms’ length: Rachel Maddow Show

Republicans are distancing themselves from Chris Christie and it’s all the Democrat’s fault: Daily Kos

But it gets worse

Rachel and her crew catch him in a lie, or at least a serious inconsistency, in his story about the GW bridge lane closures — when he found out about it, and what (if anything) he did about it: MSNBC

Christie’s Evolving Answers On When He Knew About The Bridge Closures: Talking Points memo

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