Just do it: Vote in the next election

vote-initiativeIn Missouri’s Aug. 5 primary, total voter turnout was 24.58% Nationwide, half of U.S. Citizens don’t register to vote. Half of registered voters don’t vote.

Come on people, do your duty and vote. Many complain of being disenfranchised, but are we doing it to ourselves? Many say the politicians are “paid-off” or don’t relate to working men and women. Could it be our failure to cast votes enable those kind of representatives to work in ways contrary to the needs of the average citizens?

All I ask is for you to do what your privilege as citizens of country needs you to do – vote. Many countries have various situations that make exercising your right to vote dangerous or just plain compromised (either fraud or intimidation). We, in this country, have it relatively easy to vote, so there isn’t an excuse to not do so.

Those who choose not to participate are costing our democracy in many ways, from bad economic policies that favor certain interest groups to downright dysfunctional government. Get out and add your “voice” to what happens in this country. Real change can happen by simply casting your vote in an informed and concerned way.

Please help us all improve our circumstances by voting. Systems can be “tweaked” and improved, but to get real results you must participate. This is not asking great sacrifice from you, just your thoughtful participation.