Ferguson, as seen by editorial cartoonists

There’s nothing funny about what has been happening in Ferguson, Missouri, in the aftermath of the shooting–by a police officer– of Michael Brown, an unarmed, African-American teenager. But there is plenty of anger and sadness–and a lot to think about. Sometimes, there are no words. And sometimes, some of the best commentaries are visual, as rendered by editorial cartoonists. Here’s a gallery of some of the ways that editorial cartoonists have expressed their views on the situation.



  • Sue Evans

    I blame the NRA, marketing and lobbying arm of the weapons manufacturers. If they were not defending and pushing the ownership of assault-type weapons, which can be obtained easily by felons, law enforcement wouldn’t have to keep beefing up their own arms and armor. And then there’s that whole sick worship in this country of anything and all things military.

  • Carl

    If you paid any attention to facts you would know that the vast majority of firearm related crimes are committed with hand guns. Don’t take my word for it, check it out. And No, I don’t own an “assault type weapon”.