Who Am I? Guess the progressive

Can you identify this person?179_Pyatok_extended

Occasional Planet’s “Who Am I” series features people who have made important contributions to liberal thought, progressive politics, human rights, enlightened education, environmental awareness, and “small-d” democratic principles–both in the US and internationally.

The abbreviated bios in our “Progressive Hall of Fame” only hint at the scope of our hall of famers’ struggles and accomplishments. We hope that curiosity will impel you find out more about these inspiring people, whose professional efforts and personal sacrifices deserve to be remembered—and emulated.

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This week’s featured progressive role model is:

179_Pyatok_studioMICHAEL PYATOK (1944 – )
Architect, author

Claims to progressive fame

Dedicated to the theory, design, and planning of low-income and affordable housing.

Advocates for vibrant, sustainable, inclusive communities through design that is sensitive to context and need.

Authored “Good Neighbor: The Design of Affordable Housing” (1998), which proposed that good design results from collaboration between the client and the community as equal partners.

Develops strategies for non-profits to develop decent and affordable housing in an era of shrinking public resources.