Russell Brand analyzes Obama’s ISIS/ISIL war speech

brandWhen I watched Obama’s first speech on his plans to go after ISIS (now ISIL), I felt physically ill. As I watched his strange robotic body language, my own body told me he was lying. He is not going after ISIL. ISIL is an excuse to start another war in Iraq, and effect regime change in Syria. The ultimate plan is to regain control of Iraqi assets, depose Assad and install a US puppet in Damascus.

I say “he” but I don’t know if it is Obama who is starting a war, or John Brennan, director of the CIA. It’s not clear to me who, exactly, is calling the shots when it comes to U.S. foreign policy and military involvements abroad. As we all know by now, John Kerry has directly contradicted Obama is some press statements. The State Department was heavily involved in fomenting the Ukraine coup as was the CIA. Just prior to Kiev initiating the violence against the separatists in the East, John Brennan was there advising the newly installed puppets. Is State or Langley in charge? Ultimately, it doesn’t matter who is calling the shots. I find what Obama was saying about ISIL and US involvement in Iraq and Syria to be completely untrustworthy.

Comedy exposes the truth

Comedians, like Jon Stewart, John Oliver and the UK’s Russell Brand have a way of cutting to the chase, to the truth of a situation. We watch them because they are incredibly funny, but we also watch them to hear the truth. It’s their expression of the unvarnished truth, and our ability to recognize it that makes their comedy so powerful. It’s no surprise that many people get their news from the “Daily Show” or “Last Week Tonight.”

In the following 13 minute video, Russell Brand analyzes Obama’s speech, sentence by sentence, something we should all do when watching him or any other politician on the evening news. Brand shows how to deconstruct what is said, practice critical thinking, and trust your gut when something doesn’t sound right.

Obama was elected to office through the cynical manufacturing of a personality cult where, starry eyed, we all filled in the blanks in his vague, platitude filled speeches. Brand teaches us to lose the Obama worship and really listen to what he is saying—and not saying.

Brand’s cockney accent might take a little getting used to but it’s worth struggling with to hear what he has to say. His YouTube channel is called “Russell Brand: The Trews” He uploads daily, Monday through Friday.

Here’s his .47 second introduction to his channel:”Welcome to the Trews”

And here’s his commentary on Obama’s ISIL speech, “Will Obama’s Bombs Stop Beheadings?”