Trump: Republican strategy taken to its logical extreme

trump elephantI’ve heard people saying that Donald Trump is destroying the Republican Party. I beg to differ. Trump is just the logical extension of the strategy put in place by the Republican leadership when President Obama was first elected in 2008. At that time, Sen. Mitch McConnell announced that his party’s main goal was to “make Obama a one-term president.” Within the past few months, several Republican members of Congress have been quoted as saying they were ordered to follow instructions from their leadership or face primary opponents.

When a political party makes defeating the president its primary objective and allows all kinds of nasty, false and disgusting comments about the leader of the nation, that party should know that someone like Donald Trump would eventually be considered “mainstream.” Can you imagine him having a polite conversation with the British prime minister or any other head of state we count among our friends? And heaven forbid he should get into a disagreement with a female head of state such as Germany’s Angela Merkel.

The chickens have come home to roost. The billionaires who financed the rebellion against everything President Obama and the Democrats tried to accomplish for the good of the country now have to reckon with a egomaniac who doesn’t need their money.

What goes around comes around, and I’d say “I told you so” if it weren’t for the damage that has been done to our middle class families because of Republican obstructionism.