Planned Parenthood: What really happens at a clinic

plannedparenthoodposterThe Republicans and anti-choicers who are using heavily-doctored, appallingly-edited videos which raise serious questions about the legality and morality of those who took them (and even though several investigations in several different states show Planned Parenthood did nothing wrong and followed the law) to force their anti-woman, anti-public health views on the rest of us should be ashamed. But, of course, they have no shame.

This story from the Washington Post is about a typical Planned Parenthood clinic, which does not provide abortions, which would lose its federal funding if Republicans have their way.

“This clinic sees nearly 7,100 patients a year, most of them young and poor. The clinicians administer 3,400 pregnancy tests, write 2,900 prescriptions for birth control and provide 13,200 screenings for sexually transmitted infections to the women and men walking into a boxy building between a restaurant-supply store and a used-car dealership. Inside the clinicians’ office, a ­pamphlet on the wall reads ‘Bomb Threat Checklist.’ ”