Political quotes: “The good thing about science is…”

test-scienceEverything is political. Our long-running series of political quotes proves that–we think. We’re always on the lookout for quotes–contemporary and historical–that are pertinent to the current political environment. Our illustrator is Christopher Burke, whose unique, quirky cartoons add a touch of whimsy–which we really, really need in today’s political realm.

So, back to science. What’s it got to do with politics, and who said it? You’ll find the identity of the commenter below.



neil degrasse tyson


The author of this quote is: Neil DeGrasse Tyson, an American astrophysicist, cosmologist, author, science communicator and frequent talk-show guest.



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  • A statement can be true or false. But science is a process. It doesn’t parse to say a process is true.

    Moreover, science pursues truth by inductive reasoning. Certainty can’t be achieved via inductive reasoning. Mathematician Kurt Gödel demonstrated there’s even uncertainty with theorems arrived at by deductive reasoning.

    Moreover, skepticism lies at the foundation of the philosophy of science. People like Galileo or Feynman tell us to question authority. To proclaim current consensus as The Truth is actually anti-science.

    Many of Neil’s fans and the IFLS crowd are as innumerate and scientifically illiterate as rightwing bible thumpers.