Obamacare is probably toast: Trump voters will get hurt

I know people who have blasted Obamacare from the beginning, and refused to even acknowledge that there is anything good about it.

When I would mention all the positive things, like a ban on exclusion for pre-existing conditions, no lifetime limits, no more being kicked off your plan because you get sick, children staying on the plan until 26, an expansion of Medicaid, a prohibition on charging women more than men, free preventive healthcare, and millions of people getting insurance for the first time with the uninsured rate dropping to the lowest ever, they would brush off the importance of those and complain about increased deductibles and rising costs– which in most (not all) cases have been less than before Obamacare went in to effect.

To those of you who kept complaining about wanting the “free market” to rule, you are getting your wish. Here’s the rundown, via the Washington Post:  “Obamacare is probably toast. And a lot of poor, white Trump voters will get hurt by it.”

..the likely end result (again, at best) is that a lot of the 20 million people who would lose coverage due to repeal will remain without coverage, and protections for those with bad medical conditions will be eroded.

And if you are lucky enough to have insurance through work or can afford it on your own, enjoy watching others lose theirs. If you have any decency, I assume you will strongly support increasing taxes to pay for the rising cost of health care for poor and working class people.