Here’s my letter to Electors: Now it’s your turn

ElectorsI’ve just sent the following letter to all 10 of Missouri’s presidential Electors. Missouri is so deep, deep red that I doubt that I’ll convince anyone. But in my letter, I’m trying to appeal to the elector in any way I can. To stop Donald Trump from wrecking everything he and his cronies can, we need 37 electors—nationally—to switch their votes. So even one from Missouri could help. It may be a fool’s errand, a wild-goose chase, a hail Mary, or any other phrase you can use to describe a steep uphill climb like this one. But I would feel terrible if I hadn’t at least tried.

Here’s my letter. Feel free to excerpt, plagiarize or write something totally different. Just do it. Before Dec. 19.



I’m writing to you in hopes of convincing you that your vote in the Electoral College on Dec. 19 could play a role in protecting our democracy. As an engaged, knowledgeable citizen, you have probably already observed Donald Trump’s erratic behavior in the transition period before Inauguration Day. You may even be among the large percentage of American voters who–before the election– deemed Donald Trump to be temperamentally unfit to be President.

You already know that, in Missouri, you are not bound to vote for the candidate who won the state. And, although Donald Trump won Missouri’s popular vote, he did not gain the majority of popular votes nationwide. Many states have already passed a bill that would allocate their Electoral votes to the winner of the national popular vote–if enough other states pass a similar bill. And while National Popular Vote has not yet been passed by enough states, there is clearly a movement in that direction. With that in mind, I would urge you to consider casting your Electoral vote for someone other than Mr. Trump.

Also, it seems to me–based on the appointments he has already made to his Cabinet–that despite his campaign promises to help lower-income people–Mr. Trump’s policies have the strong potential to hurt precisely those people whom he promised to help. In other words, he will be hurting Republicans as well as Democrats, and will end up alienating the very voters who expanded the reach of the Republican party during the 2016 election. Among those policies are the privatization of Medicare and the repeal of the Affordable Care Act–a move that would take away health insurance from 20 million people who previously lived with the precarious, dangerous status of not being insured.

You have in your power the ability to keep our country great by preventing an unqualified, temperamentally unfit man from taking the reins of power and leading us in an unpredictable direction.

I urge you to consider your Electoral vote very carefully, and put our country ahead of party loyalty. Your vote can make the difference. .

  • Stacy Mergenthal

    GREAT idea. Sharing. Can you explain to us how to find elector information?

  • Arthur Lieber

    Hey Stacy, it’s on a couple of other Occasional Planet posts including http://www.occasionalplanet.org/2016/12/02/still-time-write-electors/. Hope this helps.

  • Terry Jefferson

    Dear Mr. or Madam Elector,

    I humbly request that when you cast your elector vote that do your duty as a patriot uninfluenced by the trappings of party loyalty. The framers of the Constitution at the onset of this great new experiment set up a safety valve against tyrannical rule, they called it the Electoral College. Alexander Hamilton said that electors were to apply “a judicious combination of all the reasons and inducements which were proper to govern their choice” and then for you to make your choice. There was not nearly the concern for divisive party factions nor was winner take all politics such a anxiety when our founders created the Electoral College. Our patriotic forefathers could not have possibly imagined the influence of massive wealth through the use of behemoth artificial soulless corporations. The electorate has never been misguided and misinformed at the levels they are today. You have a critically important choice shortly, one that could quite possibly save our nation.

    If we take away the pressures of party loyalty and only talk about facts, we are left with a stark picture and very likely an extremely dangerous one. Mr. Trump told us he would drain the swamp from our politics, clearly that is not what he is doing based on his cabinet appointments. Already appointing three billionaires DeVos, Ross, and Ricketts. Mr. Trump even offered Energy Secretary to Harold Hamm, another billionaire, but he turned it down. Plutocracy is defined as society ruled by the small minority of the wealthiest citizens. Our founding fathers never would have wanted for the actual control of the government to be in the direct hands of the Plutocrats.

    I understand that you are likely a thoughtful person, so I am certain that you realize that not just our country, but also our world is in a very vulnerable position at this point in time. Catastrophe’s, irrespective of whether they are man made or not, are peering around every unforeseeable corner. It is certain that in the next four years our country and possibly our world will need real leadership, not virtual or scripted reality show based leadership. Mr. Trump has shown through his narcissism and his over-sized ego that our nations interests can never be greater than his own personal interests. Please look at all the evidence, he has never held others interest’s above his own. Using his non-profit foundation to buy expensive self portraits and to buy off politicians. Even when he pledged to give campaign donations from an event to a veterans group, he did not deliver promised donations until four months later when reporters started to ask questions as to why his campaign had not given the money to the veterans group. Please, I ask for the sake of humanity, is this the person you would want in charge of our massive nuclear arsenal?

    Finally, I would like to appeal to your sense of morality and common decency. Honestly ask yourself, based Mr. Trumps own words and his conduct, would you trust him in a room alone with your daughters, your granddaughters, your wives, your sisters, your mothers or any female you care about? I dare say the answer to this is no. Do you feel our country needs more division? Again, I dare to say no. Fearing one another will not bring us closer together and it will not make us safer.

    You probably know well enough how the process works, but I would be remiss if I did not remind you that if enough electors cast their vote for someone other than Hillary Clinton, then the decision goes to the House of Representatives and that will be a quick vote where Mr. Trump would regain the Presidency. Our founding father’s paid a dear price for their patriotism, so you probably know that being a true patriot is not easy, especially if you have to go against an established party machine to do this. Nevertheless, there is a small voice within you that knows the best choice for the United States of America is to cast your vote for Hillary Clinton. You would become one of my and this country’s greatest hero patriots for generations to come.

    Thank you for your time and for reading my heartfelt plea. May God bless you, your family and our country. History judges well men and women of courage and valor.

    Yours truly,