Political gifts I wish I could give this Christmas


Let’s play “Political gifts I wish I could give this Christmas.” I have compiled a list of things that would give me a measure of satisfaction to present to some of this year’s political headline-makers. Donald Trump has a head start on me, though: He has already delivered–in the form of many of his cabinet nominations–a very traditional Christmas gift: fruitcakes.

Here’s my list, in no particular order:

To Kellyanne Conway: Truth serum

To Hillary Clinton: A do-over

To Paul Ryan: A spine transplant

To Nancy Pelosi: A Democratic majority

To Rachel Maddow: Smug remover

To Barack Obama: 4 more years

To Ben Carson: A padded cell

To Bernie Sanders: California

To Elizabeth Warren: The 2020 Presidential nomination

To Sean Hannity/Joe Scarborough/Bill O’Reilly: A permanent mute button

To Trump’s adult children: An ethics gene

To Rick Perry: Oops, I forgot what I wanted to give him

To CNN: A kick in the ass

To FBI Director James Comey: Oh, gee, I have some stuff I’ve been digging up for him, but I’m not sure about the appropriate timing. Oh, wait, I know–I’ll give it to him at time when it will do maximum damage to his reputation.

To Vladimir Putin: A coup d’etat

To the citizens of Syria: Anyone but Assad

To Donald Trump: A come-uppance [hopefully accompanied by a good-riddance]

Gloria Shur Bilchik Gloria Shur Bilchik (654 Posts)

Gloria Shur Bilchik is a freelance writer and community volunteer in St. Louis, Missouri. She is the editor of Occasional Planet. She views the preservation of democratic values and progressive programs as vital to making the US a humane, livable place for her children and grandchildren.