VIDEO: THE HUMAN COST OF Replacing Obamacare


 “One Paragraph of Obamacare Saved this Boy’s Life,” tells the story of Timmy, a thriving, happy six-year-old who lives in Maryland with his sister and parents. Timmy was born seven weeks before his due date and spent the first five months of his life in a neonatal care unit. Timmy was born with a rare condition that requires him to breathe through a tube in his throat and receive most of his food through a tube in his abdomen.

Timmy’s daily routine of medical care, lovingly administered at home by his parents, is complicated and expensive. Without one life-saving paragraph in the Affordable Care Act that outlawed lifetime limits on insurance payments, Timmy’s parents would not have been able to afford his care. The truth is that without the Affordable Care Act Timmy would not be alive today.

Timmy’s medical condition may be rare but the tragic consequences he and his family might face if insurance-policy lifetime limits are re-imposed would be shared by countless other families and individuals across America.