Infographic: How Graham-Cassidy stacks up, in one chart

How does the Graham-Cassidy “repeal and replace” bill compare to current law [aka Obamacare, ACA]? Roll Call has done the hard work of creating an easy-to-visualize chart to help us see the differences. [Spoiler alert: Graham-Cassidy is the most drastic version of “repeal and replace” yet.] Here’s the infographic. View it and weep. Send it to your Senator and Congressional representative, who most likely have no idea because they haven’t bothered to read or analyze the bill and/or are lying about what they do know. [And call, text, fax, and/or email your Senators, or sit-in, lie-in, or scream, kick and protest. This bill must not pass.] Note, too, that virtually the entire health-care world opposes this bill. [To see comments by the major healthcare organizations, click here.]

Graham-Cassidy vs. House-passed AHCA, vs. existing ACA requirements