Ivanka trumps Claire Underwood

With all the talk about Michael Flynn flipping and turning on “higher-ups,” it’s remarkable how with all the names mentioned, Ivanka Trump is always absent. It couldn’t help but remind me of how Claire Underwood seemed to fly below the troubles of her husband, Frank, in the ill-fated Netflix series House of Cards.

Even casual viewers of House of Cards could tell that there was little innocent about Claire Underwood. If a sixth season is to materialize, she will likely emerge as the undisputed president of the United States.

It’s not likely to be that Machiavellian in Trump World for Ivanka, but one must wonder what she knows and what she whispers in the ears of her husband, Jared Kushner and others including her father.

She seems to be “the mature one” in the crowd who is more temperamentally even, sensitive to others and in greater touch with news that is not fake.

Just as Claire knew all the secrets in the fictional White House, it’s likely that Ivanka not only knows what her father, brothers, husband and associates know, but she is a step ahead of them. She probably has a long list of “I told you so’s,” but it may not help her gain credibility with the crowd in which she circles. There are certainly times when she works her way out of the circle and finds time to connect with others who have a different take on reality. That list might include her friend Chelsea Clinton who could commiserate and offer advice that few others could.

Ivanka the skill, savvy and savoir to stay clear of nasty things like subpoenas or even invitations to visit the likes of Robert Mueller of investigative congressional committees. She is a walking example to all in the White House how live on the preferred side of propriety. When all is said and done, she will likely leave the White House with no one in legal pursuit of her. Her finances will be intact, something that likely will not be said about any of the men in her life.

Like Claire, she knows how to disappear when necessary. Unlike Claire, when all is said and done, she may well have a reputation that she will be proud to follow her. If only the men in her life knew what they could learn from her. Doubtful that will happen.