Sex Trafficking Advocate

Ann Wagner has support of Sex Trafficking Advocate?

Well, we all make mistakes, but this is a whopper. Congresswoman Ann Wagner (MO-02) thinks that she has made name for herself opposing sex-trafficking. Never mind that this issue is about as much of a lay-up as any could be, but to her credit, Ann has made her voice known on the issue. Other than victims of sex trafficking, Ann has shown little empathy for people who are “not like her.”

She is running for re-election, and for once, she has to dig into her deep pockets and actually run television advertisements. It seems that she is a little unschooled on this. You see, when touting her work on sex trafficking, she has clips from various people, possibly in Missouri’s Second District, who have been impacted by it. One of them is named Jennifer, and here is how she is identified in the ad:

Wagner-AdSo, let me get this straight. Ann is including an endorsement from a woman who is a sex trafficking advocate. If my understanding of English serves me correctly, this means that Jennifer advocates sex trafficking. Does it mean that Jennifer is actually running an operation; selling young women and men into sexual servitude? Jennifer seems far too nice for that, but this is what Ann implies that she does.

I really had no idea that anyone would publicly identify themselves as a sex trafficking advocate, and if they did, wouldn’t they be the last person who Ann would want in her ad?

Maybe the fact that Ann may have less real interaction with constituents than any other member of Congress contributes to a certain tone-deafness. But the fact that this problem would exist with her professional advisors, ad creators, and maybe even a focus audience that she pulled in to check it out, only compounds the problem.

I’m going to give Ann the benefit of the doubt and say that she is opposed to sex trafficking. However, when it comes to critical thinking, attention to detail, and common sense, she just doesn’t have it. She’s deserving of a DQ – a disqualification.

Here is the ad as revealed through an Ann Wagner tweet: