Indivisible launches “The Payback Project”

Tired of screaming at the TV screen? Looking for a way to channel that anger as you watch the daily degradation of our democratic institutions? Fret no more. Indivisible is feeling your pain.  The committed folks over at this media-savvy grassroots organization are determined to do more than just scream, crawl under the covers, or binge-watch until 2024.

Thankfully, Indivisible isn’t showing any signs of defeatism. On the contrary, for those of us who see the danger to democracy of Trumpism and a complicit Republican Party, they’ve developed a bold plan to channel our anger and to step up and get involved. Ramping up its campaign for the 2020 election, Indivisible has come up with a bold, new initiative called the Payback Project. “Get angry. Then, get even.” That’s the call that organizers are betting will jump start a massive, grassroots effort to take back the Senate by holding nine key Republican senators accountable for their votes, their actions, and their enabling of Donald Trump. Payback, for Indivisible, means mustering activists in every state to help elect Democrats to take back the Senate.

Remember. In order to gain a majority in the Senate, Democrats will need to pick up only three or four seats (three if a Democrat replaces Mike Pence as vice-president). Indivisible’s list of targeted senators includes Martha McSally (Arizona), Cory Gardner (Colorado), David Perdue (Georgia), Joni Ernst (Iowa), Mitch McConnell (Kentucky), Susan Collins (Maine), Thom Tillis (North Carolina), Lindsay Graham (South Carolina), and John Cornyn (Texas).payback



Indivisible has a four-point plan for winning this fight. Here’s their game plan.

Build Awareness & Accountability

When senators take bad votes or do something else awful, we’ll be in their states to broadcast it and hold them accountable for refusing to listen to constituents. And we’ll keep reminding voters of their stances on the Affordable Care Act, abortion bans, climate change, and all our other top issues.

Boost Local Political Power

We’ll do the work to get as many people involved in the election as possible, educating folks about what’s at stake, growing the size of our local Indivisible groups, funneling voters in these nine states directly to their local Indivisible group, and increasing logistical support for their election activities and recruitment efforts through trainings, organizer support, and powerful new tools.

Organize to Win

Our nationwide network of organizers will work directly with groups on the ground to leverage their power with voters, the candidates, and the media to build support for strong progressive challengers.

Get Out the Vote

We’ll run a robust GOTV campaign to turn as many people as possible out to the polls. Remember — these senators thrive on disenfranchisement, so it’s our job to make sure voters show up to kick them out.

To get involved, go to