A Conversation with Trump Supporters on Election Fraud

The interviews in this post emanate from a Facebook page set up for the Kirksville, MO community to share events and news for Northeast Missouri. The author is a moderator for the group which has something near 5,000 people. It has been edited for length and clarity.

Joe Biden has been elected the 46th President of the United States with 306 electoral votes from 25 states and 2 congressional districts. Uncounted in that 306 is Missouri, where the President-Elect was soundly defeated by 57% to 41% carrying only 3 (and the independent city of St. Louis) of the state’s 114 counties. This week, Missouri’s Attorney General Eric Schmitt joined a lawsuit headed for the United States Supreme Court with the intent of overturning the results of this election and he was met with enthusiasm by many Missouri Trump voters. I decided to try to find out why the Trump supporters in my rural community in Northeast Missouri believe what they do, here was that conversation.

Trump Supporter 1 (Woman in her 40s, Trucker): There’s more lawsuits than I can keep up with; some by citizens having nothing to do with Trump or his campaign. Many cases have been thrown out for procedure/technicalities and/or because the lower judges don’t want the case on their hands; they didn’t even hear any evidence.

The plan appears to be to have the SCOTUS be the end player all along. There has been witness testimony at legislative hearings in most, if not all swing states. Even the Thomas Moore Project had a hearing of some sort in Virginia.

A couple of facts, 1.) Most lawsuits take weeks to months to gather evidence; these have been done in mere days. 2.) There’s a long history of voter fraud, but it’s usually not of the election overturning magnitude. 3). If the mathematicians and IT experts in this are correct, this year was exponentially different.

Who honestly wants to believe that in the greatest country on earth we had enough fraud to actually change everything? Instead of, “OK, let’s have a look,” we’re hearing, “There’s nothing to see here; move along.” This has invited even more suspicion. If “they” are sure there was no fraud, then why all the resistance to an investigation?

Texas filed their initial suit on November 10. A month ago. I didn’t hear about this suit until yesterday. Did any of you? Suppression of information by the big media groups only lends to more suspicion and I have seen them (CNN, et al) completely twist something (i.e. testimony) that I watched live. Those sources are now completely illegitimate to me, especially after the phone calls the Veritas Project recorded of the CNN exec.

Matt Braynard conducted the Voter Integrity Project; a call center that called those listed as having requested a mail-in ballot. The former director of the DNI has been investigating in Nevada. The current director of the DNI is investigating. The DOD is investigating.

Will any of this be enough to overturn the election? I haven’t a clue. All I can do is follow along as best as possible and continue to aggravate my diverticulitis with popcorn as I watch it all unfold. There WAS election fraud. The magnitude of it is still being uncovered.

Me: Can I ask you a serious question? If there was fraud to benefit Joe Biden, why did Democrats lose seats in the House and not win the Senate outright? These allegedly fake results to benefit Democrats, would’ve had to have been Biden up top and GOP down ballot. Does that make sense to you?

I don’t know what IT experts you’re referring to, but the election officials from both parties and Trump’s attorney general and The Supreme Court unanimously in a Pennsylvania decision are convinced that this election was as at least as secure as the last one.

If there’s fraud, why wouldn’t we want it exposed? While there are die-hard Trump supporters, I don’t know too many people who are worked up and excited about Joe Biden in the same way. I’ve followed the cases; most weren’t thrown out on a technicality. Many were thrown out for making up precedent or claiming hearsay as evidence or in some cases declaring fraud in places that literally don’t exist in the state (Sidney Powell was looking for Detroit votes in Wisconsin).

As for these challenges, Matthew Braynard was a Trump campaign adviser and RNC political analyst who formed a non-profit to mobilize GOP voters. I don’t think he has any conflict of interest.

I don’t trust CNN either, but it’s not just CNN. It’s every media outlet save for Newsmax and OAN, and to be honest it’s odd for the government to tell me where to consume my news. I understand not every story is covered enough everywhere, but I don’t want news that is uncritical of the government because is that really news?

I think our elections are about as secure as they’ve been for a while. We can do better, it’s why the House has been pushing H.R. 1 but it was blocked by Mitch McConnell. I want free and fair elections everyone can believe in. But I honestly don’t think that these lawsuits are in good faith. I know many conservative voters believe them, but I don’t think GOP politicians do. I think it’s an attempt to placate and make excuses for failing their voters by blaming something else. Otherwise I can’t explain why Trump raised $200 million but has only spent $9 million on these efforts. I hope we get the truth, but I think we have it because if Trump appointed judges won’t even accept the suits; what does that say?

Trump Supporter 2 (Man in his 50s, Pastor): You need to google ballot fraud. Open your eyes to both sides. You at this point are definitely one-sided but I wouldn’t expect less.

Me: Are you open to both sides? Because I’m not saying fraud is impossible I’m just asking anyone to provide the evidence they’re confident in, because why shouldn’t we see it? I’m also asking…why would Democrats produce ballots where it’s Biden up top and GOP down ballot, essentially swinging elections for Republicans? What is the logic in a cheat where you help the other party win seats?

Trump Supporter 2: You need to look for the evidence. It is so blatant in front of everyone’s face and you choose to ignore it.

Trump Supporter 3 (Woman in her 50s, University Administration): Biden claimed at one point that he finished at the top of his class in law school.  He was lying and was near the bottom.  He was knocked out of the 1988 presidential election for plagiarism.  He has been a politician for 45 + years and has only the crime bill for tougher sentences as his signature accomplishment.  He has shown he is racist “You ain’t black,” Obama was a “clean black” and he gave the eulogy for Robert Byrd, a strong member of the KKK.  He fought against segregation and didn’t want his kids growing up in a “racial jungle.”  As VP, his brother and his son have been getting millions from places like China, Russia, and the Ukraine (“with a cut for the big guy”) to gain access to him.  He is on tape threatening to withhold loan guarantees from the US to the Ukraine unless they fire the investigator looking into corruption in the company paying his druggie son thousands of dollars a month.  His whole family has gotten rich from his public service. Meanwhile, thousands of good American jobs go overseas. At this point, he looks to his handlers to tell him what to do and they are listening to the radical side of the Democrat Party. Watch some videos and his wife has had to show him how to leave the stage. I could go on…why do you think he would be a good president?  The only answers I ever get are “he’s not a meanie like Trump” and “he is calm.”

Me: To be fair, I don’t think he will be a good president and have never said as much. I don’t think we’ve had a President who did more good than harm in over 70 years.

Trump Supporter 3: So how did Biden get a record number of votes? How did he get more than Obama?  No one thinks he will be a good president.

Me: 1. More people are of voting age than 8 or 12 years ago. Bush got more votes than Reagan. Obama got more votes than FDR.

  1. Some people do think he’ll be a good president! Their politics just aren’t my politics.
  2. You don’t have to vote for someone you like. Sometimes people vote for the lesser of two evils. How many Republicans even halfway like Roy Blunt? Fewer and fewer, yet he wins because people are smart and know that if they can’t get what they want they can at least avoid what they don’t.

Trump Supporter 3: I have faith in the American people, so I have to believe that the Dominion voting machines were designed to allow Biden to keep up with and surpass Trump, who also received a record number of votes.  I know that a lot of people have Trump derangement syndrome, but there are a whole lot of people who passionately support him.  There were events at which 50k+ people showed up on a few days’ notice.  There was the huge line of supporters in Arizona.  There is nothing like that for Biden and he had trouble getting many people to watch him online.  If you have seen the Ruby video, you see boxes and boxes of ballots that are being filled out. This corruption was highly organized. I am praying that the truth comes out.

Me: President Trump did have amazing enthusiasm among his voters, and I think he would’ve won if he did things differently the last few weeks of the campaign given how close things were in some states. But Republicans have only won more votes than Democrats once in the last 28 years of Presidential elections. So, I’m just asking, is it not plausible to you that Trump was just a continuation of a trend of a divided electorate where there are slightly more Democrats nationwide? How do you rationalize the great Republican performance down-ballot but Trump’s apparent loss? That would have to mean millions of Illegal votes that had Biden for President, Republican for Governor, Senator, and Congressperson. Why would a cheat look like that? I think we live in a bubble because Missouri is Trump country. While Biden didn’t have crowds, he did raise more money from individual donations than any general election candidate ever which also shows support. We’ve caught election fraud and invalidated elections before, like in a 2018 North Carolina congressional race. I understand why you believe what you do, but I really do think that if Trump won this election you’d have seen more Republicans in the federal government making that case as they did in 2000.

Trump Supporter 3: I am not in a position to know for sure, but if down ballot, there were a lot of Republicans who won… maybe those were the valid ballots?  Where people actually voted?   If there were a whole lot of ballots with only Biden checked at the top (because the people filling them out didn’t have time to fill them out completely), that would explain it, wouldn’t it?  Like I said, I am not in a position to know.  I just pray that we as a country can get through this without another civil war.

Me: That’s unlikely. Here’s results from Pennsylvania, whose results are being challenged. The vote totals are about the same in this congressional district with about 440,000 votes cast in total for President and Congress. Biden won and so did the Republican. This was true in a lot of places, not much undervote with Biden doing well and the Republican doing better (sometimes Congressional races having more votes than the Presidential). It also happened in the reverse with Biden doing worse than the down ballot Democrat, like in Iowa and Arizona. So, I’m just saying, I don’t know why Democrats if they were trying to steal an election would produce ballots stealing elections for Republicans. I hope America can get through this too, because Biden and Trump are no Abe Lincoln and aren’t worth fighting over.


Trump Supporter 3: PA-1 seems to be the north suburbs of Philadelphia with Republican representation. Median income $97k.  Corruption is suspected in highly Democrat areas like PA-2, not everywhere.

Me: President Trump did better in “Democrat Areas” than he did in 2016. In Detroit for example he won more votes than any Republican in 28 years. I don’t think you’re meaning to imply that those votes are fraudulent, because that’s actually where he did better. Because I don’t think we can square “Donald Trump did historically well in the city” with “Votes in the city are fraudulent”.

Trump Supporter 3: I think the essential issue is that we have different sources of news.  Our realities are different. I see videos of Ruby, proudly working hard to create fraudulent ballots in Georgia with boxes and boxes of ballots that were never mailed. I read that it is a mathematical impossibility for some of the returns that happened in swing states in Democrat areas. I hear that an exec at Dominion said he’d made sure Biden would win on an Antifa call. I read about the laptop from hell and the corruption of the Biden family with pedophilia and child trafficking and bribery. You see the mainstream media and aren’t seeing the news they hide. They decide what you see. Mark Zuckerberg gave $230 million to Georgia to help fix the election. Facebook put disclaimers after every post that CNN has declared a winner. “Fact checkers” countering truths with their “mostly false” and “unproven” claims.  Google hiding YouTube videos that don’t fit their narrative.  I’d think that would scare anyone. The media is working overtime protecting Joe Biden from himself.  Let’s hear more about his pets!  The Mueller investigation and report revealed that the Trump campaign was not colluding with Russia, but that was breathlessly reported for three years. And how about the FBI trapping and threatening Michael Flynn’s son and the way Judge Kavanaugh was treated with no proof that he’d ever even met Christine Ford?  I harbor no ill-will, we’re all neighbors.  I just believe we have different realities and we won’t change each other’s minds.

*End of Dialogue*

So, what did I gather from all of this? First, the mainstream media has clearly poisoned the well with tens of millions of people and there is no longer any objective reality or truth in America. As local news outlets have slowly died out and been replaced by an increasingly coastal educated and liberal establishment at the national level, people have become more alienated and detached. This will have consequences for generations. Second, this election controversy is about more than Trump. It’s about the growing pains of entering a new political system where the dominant constituency, white conservatives, have lost their king-making status. The rural-urban divide is more pronounced now than any time in living memory and Americans are beginning to see themselves as strangers in a strange land. Finally, we are on the brink of crisis and it’s unclear whether many of us are truly aware of how fragile our democracy is. In so few words, America has gone off the deep end.