Baseball and Politics – Part I


Like many people, two of my primary interests are politics and sports. They both lend themselves to statistical analysis; they have “seasons” (in both cases too long); and winners are sometimes the wealthy front-runners (George W. Bush or the New York Yankees); other times they are among those with the least resources (Dennis Kucinich or the 2008 Tampa Bay Rays).

Back to the bus


The latter is what we’d like in St. Louis; a gleaming train running down the middle of Highway 40 or an express train from O’Fallon, MO to O’Fallon, IL. Well, guess what, it’s not going to happen. We’re not a megalopolis like New York, Chicago, or Toronto. We’re a very livable mid-sized community that has less traffic than the Atlantas or Houstons of the world but still enough to aggravate us considerably.

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