Why the name “Occasional Planet”?

Superman fans will recognize our name as a takeoff on “The Daily Planet,” which was the newspaper for which Clark Kent/Superman worked.  Don’t take our name too literally: there’s nothing very “occasional” about this blog. We post at least one new article every weekday, and some weekend days as well.

How do I know you’re not a fake news site? We do not manufacture news–we reflect on current issues as reported by reputable news sources. The only time you will see “fake news” stories on Occasional Planet is when we report on them to debunk them. We are real people, based in St. Louis, Missouri, with contributors from many other cities, states and countries. .

Is Occasional Planet affiliated with a political party, candidate, campaign, or other political organization?
NO! It’s a group blog where a group of writers can share their ideas concerning politics, education, health care, and whatever else tickles their fancy.

How long has Occasional Planet been around? We have been posting continuously since February 2010.

Why don’t you have ads on Occasional Planet?
We’re not here to make money. Our focus is on issues, and we think that ads are distractions.

I want to contact one of the authors. How can I do that?
Our contributors welcome any and all feedback. We’d prefer it if you left a comment at the end of a post, but you can also reach us by going to our Contact page, filling out your comment, and include the name of the writer you want to connect with.

How do I email an article to a friend?
At the bottom of every posting, there’s a bar with all sorts of options for sharing. From there you can email it, post it on Facebook or post via Twitter.

Is there an easy way to print out posts?
Yes there is! Underneath the image for each article is a little box that gives you the option to print out the post.