The Romney/Bain sociopathic business model

Romney is proud of his business record. He wants us to elect him so he can bring his stellar business acumen to the running of government. So, what was his business model? It was this: make millions for himself and a few friends by buying struggling companies, sucking the life out of them, and letting them go bankrupt.

Mitt Romney is not a skilled entrepreneur, or an accomplished businessman. He helped get Staples off the ground, but he soon lost interest in the complexities of running a business. He wanted to make money fast with very little effort. So, he made a career move, and made his fortune off wealth grabs as a greed driven venture capitalist and leveraged buyout artist.

If it meant enriching himself and his investors, Romney had no problem whatsoever gutting businesses and destroying lives. Although he was a master of destroying companies by creating debt,  he has looked America in the eye and characterized his work at Bain Capital as “helping companies turn around.” And yes, this is the same guy who strapped his dog on the roof of his car and humiliated the gay guy by cutting his hair. His ability to tell bold faced lies about his record is as startling as his lack of human empathy.

The real record of Mitt Romney begs the question: What would he do if he were president? If he wins in November, there’s no doubt his “business” model for the country will be to suck the life out of the working and middle classes so he and his friends can add hundreds of millions to their net worth. He will attempt to privatize Medicare and gut Social Security. And of course, he has surrounded himself with the same Neocon advisors who got us into Iraq. You can take it to the bank, he will take us into another war. In four years, when he and his billionaire friends have extracted what they can from the rest of us, America, like the companies he gutted, will be nothing but a dry husk.

Matt Taibbi’s newest article in Rolling Stone is “Greed and Debt: The True Story of Mitt Romney and Bain Capital” If you want to know who Mitt Romeny really is, read Matt Taibbi.

Meanwhile, Taibbi summarizes his article in this short interview with Amy Goodman of the radio show, Democracy Now!