Compassion: an obituary

Compassion, a long-time resident of the hearts and minds of many Americans, has died.

Authorities say the cause of death was slow strangulation by Greed, Compassion’s long-time foe.  Greed has not been apprehended but charges are pending in the Court of Public Opinion.

Compassion was the granddaughter of Ethics and Morality and the daughter of Wisdom and Common Sense.  She was a graduate of the School of Hard Knocks. For many years, Compassion and her siblings, Understanding, Equity, Honor and Inclusion, were held up as ideals of the American landscape and were prominent residents of the City On The Hill.

Memorial services are being held at Occupy sites across the country.  In lieu of flowers, mourners are encouraged to teach a child, create a job, and vote for progressive candidates for office.

Lip Services will not be held.