“A more generous vision for America:” Miami Herald endorses Obama

In its endorsement of President Obama for a second term, the Miami Herald draws a sharp contrast between the President andMitt Romney. The President’s first term has a record of substantial accomplishments that demonstrates his core beliefs about America, says the Herald. Romney’s ever-changing, self-contradictory policy statements make it hard to know who he is, and therefore, how he might lead.

President Obama, says the Herald

…has championed the middle class and has a larger, more tolerant notion of America that includes closing the inequality gap and evening the playing field, as exemplified by making an equal-pay-for-women bill the first law he signed. He has fought for the DREAM Act on behalf of the immigrant youths brought here by their parents, and he wants a Supreme Court that will continue to support Roe v. Wade. That’s crucial. .

He has insisted on a balanced approach and shared sacrifice — cuts in spending, tax increases for the wealthiest.

Describing Romney, the Herald notes:

He wants to cut taxes, reduce the deficit and increase military spending. That’s magic, not real math. And it’s hard to see how any candidate who keeps much of his wealth stashed overseas — like Mr. Romney — could credibly ask Americans for sacrifice.

The Herald urges President Obama, in a second term, to

…get serious about reforming entitlements and mopping up the ocean of red ink. If spending money to avoid a second Depression was a priority in the first term, balancing the books should be his goal in a second one. To do it, he will have to take a more active role in working with Congress…and he must summon the skills necessary to persuade lawmakers to meet him halfway. That’s the kind of leader Americans want in the White House.

Bottom line:

In the end, Mr. Obama’s policies across the board — the environment, social policy, taxes and immigration — offer a more generous vision for America. The issues he has fought for, coupled with the lingering doubts about Mr. Romney’s persona and his true intentions, make this a clear choice. In the race for president, The Miami Herald recommends BARACK OBAMA.