Robocall says: “Impeach Obama”

The right-wing Obama hate squad called me today. A very excited roboman informed me that he was calling on behalf of the Conservative Majority. “If the thought of another four years of Obama makes you cringe, you need to hear this message,” he said. Why?  Because “President Obama has an immediate plan to release terrorists from Guantanamo prison, to overturn the 2nd Amendment, and to allow the United Nations to tax Americans. These plans are flat-out unconstitutional. Our only choice is to impeach Barack Obama. We believe that he is guilty of high crimes and misdemeanors–not to mention the fact that he may not even be an American citizen. The Conservative Majority is the most powerful conservative lobby in America. If you want to more know about the Conservative Majority’s plans to impeach Barack Hussein Obama now,press 1 now.”

In case you’re interested, the number that appeared on caller ID when this call came in was 202-810-0485. I called it. It’s the Conservative Majority Fund, and the recorded message describes the group as a “political action group whose  purpose is to expose Barack Obama and his mysterious past.” It was founded in 2012, as “the most aggressive organization advocating for the defeat of Barack Obama through investigative research and tv advertising.”

So, how’d that defeat-y thing work out for ya?

This is why I keep a pad of paper and a pen next to all phones in my house. I take notes, so you don’t have to. But, geez: These people never stop, do they?