Koch-ifying the news

Industrialists Charles and David Koch, well known for their climate change denial, have very recently expressed interest in buying newspapers. We all know the Koch brothers by now. They are known to create and support partisan astroturf groups [e.g. Freedomworks and Americans for Prosperity] that have no problem bending and/or denying the truth to fit their tea party narrative.

Remember back in 2008 when Americans for Prosperity passed around a pledge to government officials asking them to “oppose any legislation relating to climate change that includes a net increase in state or local government revenue”? Or when the brothers funded a study on climate change only to have the study conclude that climate change is real? Those are just the sort of shenanigans the Kochs are involved in.

It’s not hard to imagine the level of spinning that might take place in a Koch-owned newspaper, but there’s a group of climate change believers over at Forecast the Facts that have made it simple to toy with this idea. It’s easier to spread misinformation through the media when you own said media, right? Take a look at this entertaining [fictional] version of a Koch-owned L.A. Times newspaper.

In the would-be Koch post, this serious article:


Turns into this denial:


If you want to try “Kochifying” the news, visit kochifythenews.com.