The Obamacare numbers game: Progressive Blog Digest

How successful or unsuccessful is Obamacare signup so far? Let us count the ways. Today’s roundup features the differing ways that this news is being reported and spun by progressive sources:

Sloppy, confusing headlines

Only 26,794 People Enrolled Via in first month

Only 106,000 Pick Health Insurance Plans in First Month

Confused? Here’s the answer

The Obama administration announced Wednesday afternoon that 106,000 people had selected plans in the new health insurance marketplaces set up under the Affordable Care Act, 79,391 in the 36-state federal state exchanges and 26,794 in the state federal exchange. . .

Nine key facts about Obamacare’s enrollment numbers

What the Obamacare enrollment numbers really tell us

Or is it 500,000?

The success of state exchanges


Yes? or No?
Report: unlikely to be fixed by end-of-month deadline

White House Says Fixing by the End of the Month Is Still Doable