Al Gore proposes “Scientific Freedom Restoration Act”

gore20152Former Vice President Al Gore met with Congressional leaders today to propose the Scientific Freedom Restoration Act. The purpose of the bill is to ensure that science, scientific research, and evidence-based policies receive the same consideration given to ideas, school lesson plans, laws and policies based on religious teachings and beliefs.

Since beginning his crusade against human-created climate change, Gore has been repeatedly criticized by climate-change deniers, who claim that the Earth is only 5,000 years old and that God alone is responsible for all climate events.

Provisions of the proposed bill include:
-The restoration of the term “science” in all elementary, middle- and high-school textbooks.

– A “Flat Earth” clause, imposing penalties on holders of FCC licenses for presenting, in news reports, religious-based ideas as being equivalent to scientific evidence.

-Prohibition of discrimination against scientists and lay people who espouse facts. [This provision is intended to prevent businesses–particularly in Indiana–from refusing to serve people who accept the validity of science.]

“Enough, already, with the crazy, religious arguments against climate change,” said Gore today at a press conference. The rest of his statement could not be heard over the stampede of reporters hurriedly departing when their Twitter feeds suddenly lit up with the announcement that Jesus Christ was about to make an appearance on the Washington, DC Mall.