Bernie Sanders: Plain-speaking on the death of the middle class

bernie-sanders-breezeBernie Sanders–now a declared candidate for President–is not new to the business of truth-telling. The following article, originally published here in 2013, chronicles one of his finest moments…

Want to hear the real story on the destruction of the middle class in this country?  Without spin? Without obfuscation? Watch this excerpt of a rare moment of truth telling on the Senate floor from Vermont’s Senator Bernie Sanders.

You can trust that Bernie’s talking facts.  In fact, Bernie’s doing not much more than reiterating statistics on the current state of wages and economic inequality gleaned from the United States Census Bureau.  Bernie’s not special.  He didn’t need special clearance to get the facts.  These are facts and figures available to every senator and representative in Congress.

Still, does anyone else in Congress talk this way?  Who else but Bernie is courageous—and angry—enough to tell it like it really is?