Trump’s NYT transcript: Read it, and weep for our country

I urge everyone to take the time to read the entire transcript of Donald Trump’s Nov. 23, 2016 on-the-record interview with the New York Times. It will make you cringe, grimace and maybe even cry. Some of it has already been quoted many times: We’ve seen excerpts about his not wanting to “hurt” the Clintons, about not seeing The Wall as a top priority, and especially that cringe-inducing, Nixonian assertion that “the law is on my side, the President cannot have a conflict of interest.” Understandably, the mainstream media have focused on statements pertaining to policy [a term that, when applied to Trump, is very generous].

But there is a lot more in the transcript that is not getting the attention it deserves. It’s not as quote-worthy—because it’s not succinct or pithy, or headline-ready. But it’s important to read it, because the parts of the interview that are not being highlighted offer significant insight into Trump’s thinking [again, using that term loosely] and his way of communicating.  And it’s not pretty.

My tenth-grade English Composition teacher always said that “writing is thinking.” A corollary to that truism is that speaking is also reflective of one’s thought process. If that’s the case with Trump, we are in serious trouble.

The New York Times transcript offers a look inside Trump’s brain, via his answers to the questions posed by reporters and editors. This is Trump completely unscripted: not reading from a teleprompter; not campaigning at a rally; not being coached by his handlers [although Kelly Anne Conway and Reince Preibus were sitting next to him]; not Tweeting at 5 am; not calling in to Hannity or Scarborough. This is Trump at the New York Times—a newspaper that he has railed against, but also a media power that he wants to convert to his side. This is Trump attempting to say the things that he thinks a President should be saying to make the New York Times love him.

When you read it, you see that he is doing what he always does: spitballing, winging it, rambling to fill the silence, changing the subject when he doesn’t know what he’s talking about, bragging, exaggerating, talking about all of the people who love him, making shit up on the fly, and—above all—trying to say something that will impress the New York Times. And rambling—lots of incoherent, inarticulate rambling. Imagine this loose-lipped man, who has clearly not thought through any of the issues–except the ones that affect his bottom line–in private talks with world leaders who actually know stuff.

Here’s an example that we probably won’t see quoted on mainstream media, or anywhere else, for that matter. This statement came in response to a question about Trump’s recent meeting with Nigel Farage. The Times reporter wanted to know if Trump had sought help in preventing the development of a wind farm near his golf course in Scotland: [This is the formatting as published by the New York Times.]

TRUMP: Oh, I see. I might have brought it up. But not having to do with me, just I mean, the wind is a very deceiving thing. First of all, we don’t make the windmills in the United States. They’re made in Germany and Japan. They’re made out of massive amounts of steel, which goes into the atmosphere, whether it’s in our country or not, it goes into the atmosphere. The windmills kill birds and the windmills need massive subsidies. In other words, we’re subsidizing wind mills all over this country. I mean, for the most part they don’t work. I don’t think they work at all without subsidy, and that bothers me, and they kill all the birds. You go to a windmill, you know in California they have the, what is it? The golden eagle? And they’re like, if you shoot a golden eagle, they go to jail for five years and yet they kill them by, they actually have to get permits that they’re only allowed to kill 30 or something in one year. The windmills are devastating to the bird population, O.K. With that being said, there’s a place for them. But they do need subsidy. So, if I talk negatively. I’ve been saying the same thing for years about you know, the wind industry. I wouldn’t want to subsidize it. Some environmentalists agree with me very much because of all of the things I just said, including the birds, and some don’t. But it’s hard to explain. I don’t care about anything having to do with anything having to do with anything other than the country.

If you were standing on 5th Avenue in New York, and some guy came up to you and said what Trump said about windmills and birds, you’d probably walk away as quickly as possible. And if you were a mental-health professional, and a guy came into your office rambling like that, might you possibly put a note in his chart about incoherent thinking, and maybe wonder if he needed medication or hospitalization?

Here’s another excerpt.This one is in response to a question about mixing his personal business with his role as President, and whether business partners in other countries will try to curry favor with Trump. Part of this has already made the news cycle–the part about “the law is on my side.” But here’s the rest of it. [Buckle up.]

TRUMP: O.K. First of all, on countries. I think that countries will not do that to us. I don’t think if they’re run by a person that understands leadership and negotiation they’re in no position to do that to us, no matter what I do. They’re in no position to do that to us, and that won’t happen, but I’m going to take a look at it. A very serious look. I want to also see how much this is costing, you know, what’s the cost to it, and I’ll be talking to you folks in the not-too-distant future about it, having to do with what just took place.

As far as the, you know, potential conflict of interests, though, I mean I know that from the standpoint, the law is totally on my side, meaning, the president can’t have a conflict of interest. That’s been reported very widely. Despite that, I don’t want there to be a conflict of interest anyway. And the laws, the president can’t. And I understand why the president can’t have a conflict of interest now because everything a president does in some ways is like a conflict of interest, but I have, I’ve built a very great company and it’s a big company and it’s all over the world. People are starting to see, when they look at all these different jobs, like in India and other things, number one, a job like that builds great relationships with the people of India, so it’s all good. But I have to say, the partners come in, they’re very, very successful people. They come in, they’d say, they said, ‘Would it be possible to have a picture?’ Actually, my children are working on that job. So I can say to them, Arthur, ‘I don’t want to have a picture,’ or, I can take a picture. I mean, I think it’s wonderful to take a picture. I’m fine with a picture. But if it were up to some people, I would never, ever see my daughter Ivanka again. That would be like you never seeing your son again. That wouldn’t be good. That wouldn’t be good. But I’d never, ever see my daughter Ivanka.

There’s more. Much more. To me, a lot of it sounds like Trump is desperately babbling in an effort to find something—anything—that will sound presidential, will make him sound reasonable to the New York Times, and give them an answer that they want to hear.

Read it for yourself. This is the unfocused, inarticulate, inchoate thinking of the person who is about to be our 45th President. Shockingly, after the interview, after hearing Trump’s tsunami of bullshit, the Times editorial board praised Trump for being “flexible” on certain issues.

I’m not a person who prays, but if you are, please do what you can.

[UPDATE: Read additional excerpts here, with my commentary.]

[Also, see Trump’s edited Person-of-the-Year interview with Time magazine.]



  • Dan Kasteray

    Early signs of dementia

  • cwazycajun

    and that’s the positive outcome..the negative outcome he really “thinks” like this..if you can call it that

  • Maggie

    Not early! He is a damn mental case,such bsbbling,none makes sense lol acts like a mental escapee, he really is mental ,dangerous idiots to our COUNTRY,NEVER TRUMP!!!!

  • Donna Earnest

    In Florida we have the Baker Act for involuntary placement for assessment and treatment for those who are a danger to themselves or others or “substantial likelihood that in the near future he or she will inflict serious bodily harm on self or others, as evidenced by recent behavior causing, attempting, or threatening such harm.” (from the FL statutes).

  • Donna

    In Florida we have the Baker Act for involuntary placement for assessment and treatment for those who are a danger to themselves or others or “substantial likelihood that in the near future he or she will inflict serious bodily harm on self or others, as evidenced by recent behavior causing, attempting, or threatening such harm.” (from the FL statutes).

  • Marcia Parkinson


  • Carole Barron

    I still cannot believe this is happening. I wonder what history will say about Trump and the people who voted for him.


    I keep hoping that I’ll wake up from this night mare and everything will be ok only to realize that this is really happening. I could have adjusted to another republican being president, but being a senior on Social Security I’m scare of what Donald Trump is going to with the seniors income.

  • June

    he needs to be sectioned

  • June

    Where ever there is a big idiot
    Little idiots wil follow

  • Hinano Williams

    The whole world are laughing! How could this happen to the greatest country in the world?? Dear God help us from this nightmare.

  • E.A. Blair

    Trump is slightly older than Ronald Reagan was when he took office (Reagan turned 70 three weeks after his inauguration). It looks like were going to have our second sitting president with senile dementia. When it was finally announced that Reagan had Alzheimer’s, my reaction was, “It took them THIS long to notice?”

    Donald Trump doesn’t suffer from mental disease; he enjoys every minute of it.

  • Walt Hug

    For many years now, it has been apparent to many of us that Trump is mentally ill. This illness is on top of his hyper-narcissism, which requires non-stop attention, which he not only demands but expects…and which our mass-media gladly gave him the past few years, not only enabling him, but promoting him. In fact, if it wasn’t for the 24/7 media spotlight on him this past year, its likely he never would have come close to being nominated or elected. While Clinton was easily the winner of this election – now with 2.5 million more votes, our electoral process has doomed us – and our country for many decades ahead. We are certainly entering the most dangerous situation in our country since the Civil War.

  • Isabelle Ziegler

    Good grief! Save the birds Trump.

  • dswx

    ” the Times editorial board praised Trump for being “flexible” on certain issues.” The media will do its darnedest to “normalize” his and the other racists and xenophobes.

  • KyHome

    His rambling, vapid cluelessness reminds me of Sarah Palin, only with more amphetamines on board.

  • ann

    That’s what I’ve been saying for months. Narcissists can hide it longer than others because their modus operandi is manipulation.

  • John Beavers

    That man isn’t right. Drugs or dementia, take your pick, he’s screwed up in the thinking department..

  • Devilsplaytoy

    But hey! the phuckin MORON went to an ivy league school. “I know words, I have a brain.” Another moronic comment by the tinman!

  • Casey Burns

    Wouldn’t it be great if he was busted for cocaine possession and use? That might shake things up a bit….

  • Jonathan Yorck

    elected an idiot!

  • floridarose

    they require drug testing for welfare recipients in some states (waste of time and money, but that is another topic), i think there should be mandatory drug testing for presidential candidates. this guy is a fruitcake. we are so screwed.

  • Leslie Riegel Cully

    Holy sh*t.

  • Keepersmom

    That is exactly what I said. Oh Dearest God we are so screwed. 🙁

  • Judy Aldrich

    A must to read, not surprising at all of his intelligence

  • Richard Smart

    He really is a bit of a window-licker, isn’t he? All I have to say to America, which is a country I love almost as much as my own, is: WHY DID Y’ALL THINK IT WAS A GOOD IDEA TO ELECT THIS ABSOLUTE, TOTAL AND UTTER CRETIN TO BE YOUR PRESIDENT? Seriously, he isn’t fit to shovel sh1t from one place to another (to quote The Sex Pistols), IS HE? So let’s hope that California is successful in its’ attempts to prevent him from taking office, and maybe he can be put out to pasture – perhaps creating a new office of “Pussy-Grabber-in-chief” would help him? Whatever, giving him control of the U.S.A.’s nuclear weapons, particularly when he doesn’t seem to understand the concept of M.A.D. (that’s Mutually Assured Destruction, for all of you Drumpf voters out there – basically, it means that, if there were to be another World War, we’re ALL F*CKED), doesn’t seem like the best idea ever, does it?

  • ziggypop

    Oh good God! What a not job.

  • Chaplain Michael

    You should try praying more. It might help your own lack of insight and truthfulness.


    I know you all must be thinking , that is if you could take the time to think, that maybe this is not what it seems and that he is on a path, really on a path, to justify what he explained that he means it in a thoughtful way with discussion by many and mentioned many many times, that he told them and commented but there is far more to the matter to draw a proper conclusion that maybe in years and after lots of research, can be determined to come to a conclusion…..what was the question? OMG WTF and WRScrewed

  • Katrina Winkler

    There was an entire interview people, this is Obviously not even a fraction of it! Everyone has some bad answers in a candid interview, that’s just how it goes. They took the 2 worst paragraphs and put them up to amuse the Simple Minded, just like CNN and their Propaganda!!
    And I thought this article would be interesting, should have known……..
    Sorry if I’m not going to be “weeping for our country” just yet!

  • Katrina Winkler

    A little Dramatic don’t you think? The EU threatened Britain with war if they seceded, they did, No war! We elected Trump because we are absolutely sick of working to take care of the Useless and Corrupt!

  • finehoe

    Except more people voted for Hillary than voted for Trump.

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  • imapuppet

    I’m no trump fan, but he wasn’t too wrong about the birds.

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  • It’s quite odd though, how Republicans only become concerned about the environment when wind power is brought up. Suddenly all they talk about is how terrible it is because it kills bird. Meanwhile, they are going to kill everything else (and even more birds) with their policies, deregulation and deals…

  • Addie Corn

    Wrong, on so many levels.

  • Marie Diesel-Dyer

    Ahem. No, Europe did not threaten the United Kingdom with war if we voted to leave the European Union. And that is not the same as secession. Please do get your facts straight. Otherwise you sound as deranged as your new president!

  • gordo

    The man is insane. The worst part is; his staff has to realize it and not care, because they are busy advancing their own extreme agendas. Any gains made to protect the middle class, are in very real danger of being wiped out, sold off to privateers and stolen outright. I’m going to lose more friends over this whole mess, but that’s going to be the easy part………..

  • gordo

    You have been duped. Remember that when you’re in the bread line.

  • gordo

    Textbook. My mother used the same skill sets early on in her decline. Lying, manipulation, bargaining…………..

  • Al

    You did read the article didn’t you? If you did ,it’s incomprehensible that you would then make the comments that you did…. As for corruption he and his cronies who he is bringing in to his cabinet are the definition of corruption. He will help the rich and himself at the peril of the poor and the working class… You guys are ****ed.

  • Katray447

    You elected the useless and corrupt to massively screw over everyone, including yourself. Sooner or later, that exquisitely painful lesson will be learned.

  • midnight


  • Ken Natco

    The emperor has no brain.

  • Ken Natco

    I’ve been hearing Trump’s words from many sources over the past years, and have yet to hear him say anything that makes any more sense than this mindless drivel. Two paragraphs of lunacy doesn’t begin to tap the depths of his “genius.”

  • Phyllis Rocher

    Word Salad.

  • “We elected Trump because we are absolutely sick of working to take care of the Useless and Corrupt!”

    Then you aren’t bright enough to have the vote as nothing he said or did gave teh impression that he could do anything about uselessness (whatever that is) or corruption and everything he’s done since demonstrates he has no intention of doing anything about uselessness or corruption. In fact, he appears to be doing everything he can to enhance those aspects in our society and government.

  • What’s really scary is that the Times didn’t come out and point out how incoherent he was in most of his interview. The headline should have been, “Presidemt-elect goes on incoherent rants in interview”. They are so programmed that they ignored his obvious lack of coherent dialog and tried to find something “news worthy”, as if the president not being able to put together an intelligible comment on something related to policy isn’t news worthy.

  • Steffen Gliese

    😮 ??? No way did the EU Commission do that, neither did the Parliament, nor the Council. The EU is not a federal state.

  • Jules

    LOL Was gonna say if the Chumpet Puppets would of read this before the election….but then again most of them probably cant read… This is one thread I dont see his puppets posting about how great he is! LOL This twat wont last a year let alone 4!

  • tuttleroad

    Word salad, blather, babble, incoherent trash, would all be descriptive of how trump answers questions. trump has made it clear that he has no idea what he is facing, nor what needs to be done, nor what he might have to do in any given situation.

  • tuttleroad

    Well said.

  • tuttleroad

    You need to click on the entire interview at the beginning of the post for the entire interview, although these excerpts should be more than enough to demonstrate trump’s gross incompetence..

  • tuttleroad

    Let’s hope.

  • decrepittex

    But remember who would take over….. no improvement.

  • Denver Mike

    WAR? Do you dream up responses or do you simply listen to the wrong sources? Here’s a good article for you to read about the intentional and purposeful Spread of Ignorance:

  • Sandra Rodriguez

    My Lord! smh. I don’t want to get racial here but seriously, there was no white male candidate within the Republican party who is articulate, intelligent and knowledgeable about the role he is about to undertake? Were his voters that damn desperate to fall for and vote for the Great White Dope in their desperation to have a white male president and not a woman or black that was intelligent and qualified? Is this all it takes, no matter the cost to our welfare and safety as a nation? We’re truly screwed and yes, people need to pray because there is not just something off about the man, he truly is disturbed and unintelligent and it’s very clear to anyone with an iota of intelligence.

  • Thom Walker

    I have a feeling his undergrad public speaking teacher was Sarah Palin.

  • Eva Cutler

    And so, you voted for a clueless, corrupt self-important dangerous idiot because you were lead to believe that those less fortunate then you are the ones who are USELESS AND CORRUPT. HOPE YOUR DAY OF RUDE AWAKENING WILL NOT KNOCK YOU OFF YOUR FEET.

  • NunyaBizzness


  • dealwithme

    By voting for a person like the TRAITOR, TWEETING IMBECILE, LYING POS, INCOMPETENT, RACIST HEIL TRUMP shows a very SAD PICTURE of the American people KNOWLEDGE how our POLITICAL MACHINE runs!! The CHANGE they wanted and voted for is exactly the OPPOSITE they are/we are getting. A President has a lot of POWER but the REALITY is, it is the HOUSES, SENATE AND CONGRESS who REALLY RUN THE COUNTRY AND AND NOT A PRESIDENT. REPUBLICANS have ALWAYS been for REPUBLICANS and their OWN BENEFITS i.e. to ENLARGE THEIR PERSONAL WEALTH!! Who will fill their CASH-COW the most. Even the *decent, well-meaning* Republicans will after a while be drawn into their *cash cow* game. One only needs to Google ALEC, KOCH BROS.,LOBBYIST etc to get a *small* picture of the GOING ONS in the GOP in DC. Let’s take the AHCA = OBAMA CARE for example and KENTUCKY for example. The AHCA is in REALITY a very very good HEALTHCARE PLAN! What the GOP is failing to say or tell the TRUTH about it — DOCTORS, HOSPITALS, PHARMACEUTICAL and HEALTH INSURANCE ARE TO BLAME FOR THE RISING COST and NOT the PLAN itself!! I call them the 4-HEADED MONSTER! The 4 Headed Monster has a very STRONG LOBBY in DC and in ALEC. who make sure the GOP – DOES NOT PUT A CAP/LIMIT the 4-Headed-Monster can charge. Had there been a CAP/LIMIT on the charges in the OBAMACARE PLAN – I bet you OBAMA CARE would have been the BEST THING SINCE APPLE PIE!! KENTUCKY GOD BLESS them, NEVER figured that OBAMA CARE would be overturned to the point they would LOSE THEIR PREEXISTING ILLNESS i.e. BLACK LUNG. MITCH McCONNELL the BIGGEST RACIST in CONGRESS is the SENATOR from KY. One would think, he would fight for his people in KY but NO! NO WAY IN HELL will MITCH McCONNELL even lose one single penny from his CASH-COW the LOBBYIST, ALEC etc. The Republicans STEAL from WE THE PEOPLE. The DEMS for some reason seem to be TOTALLY OUT OF TOUCH with WE THE PEOPLE. Right now I DO NOT LIKE DC very much BUT my bet is on the DEMS to STOP the GOP and HEIL TRUMP and NOT THE GOP even though the GOP has the CONGRESS! The saying IGNORANCE IS SOMEONE BLISS! WE CAN TRULY SAY – IGNORANCE IN THE POLITICAL MACHINE, HAS BECOME NOT A BLISS FOR SOMEONE BUT A HORROR FOR MOST OF THE USA!!

  • JLEW

    Trump lost the Popular vote by 2.9 million. The electoral college must be abolished. Buckle up everyone. The next 4 years are going to be a chronic disaster.

  • PinkyB69

    The only thing that allows me to rest at night is knowing I had absolutely nothing to do with electing this Orange Cheeto faced bigot to the highest office in the land. I am astonished that people have been able to justify all of the ignorant crap he said prior to the election. I’m surprised that people don’t see the writing on the wall when it comes to him being in bed with Putin. His daughter vacationed with Putin’s girlfriend but they pretend like they don’t have some prior relationship. Where are his damn tax returns? I’m just shocked by the stupidity of the people who elected him.

  • George

    Actually, I think the way he answered the questions is calculated. He answered the questions in a sometimes rambling manner, and many times very vaguely. And that’s intentional. He’s trying not to promise anything and keep his options open. Like on Hillary, or Climate change, or immigration. That way, when he or Congress actually does prosecute Hillary, which will likely happen, or do other things, no one can say he said one thing and did another.

  • CharlesLambert

    No, they didn’t threaten the UK with war. If you can come up with any proof that they did, I’ll give you some free tuition in punctuation and the use of capital letters.


    Reminder: It was not ‘y’all”. 65 million of us voted for Hillary. 62 million for Donny Boy. Gary Johnson, a mental midget, took away some votes from Hillary. Jill Stein, the closet Nazi took some as well. Trump is a national embarrassment and an international disgrace. We the people must be vigilant 24/7. He is building his fascist regime, the latest step being his discrediting of American Intel agencies.


    And, yet, HE is part of the useless and corrupt only worth billions more.

  • Gary Fitzsimmons

    It will be easy for the very rich to hose the system. Look at his cabinet picks and the leadership in Congress; they are already off to a good start.
    After destroying the economy and the middle class, the rich pick up the pieces for a song while the middle class takes it in the ear.

  • Cathy Jayne Snyder

    when I was in school ~ about as many years ago as he ~ his speech patterning was called “shotgun” whether speaking or writing, The reasoning behind that expression is that if you aim a shotgun in the general direction of the target ~ you are bound to hit something…

  • janegudge

    here you are a full interview even more gruesome!

  • Here is transcript in audiobook format if like listen:

  • Katrina Winkler

    How less fortunate??? I bust ass every day cleaning houses, they could do the same!!!

  • Katrina Winkler

    Petty much

  • J Rae

    Not sure what you are saying here about the “Useless”. Germany called them “Eaters”. They got rid of them too. How do you think Trump is going to get rid of what you term the “Useless”? If someone decides that you are useless, is that ok? I personally think that people who make up their own reality are pretty darn useless but I have never suggested that we somehow get rid of them.

  • J Rae

    Confabulate much?

  • Linda G Massachusetts

    you have a GOP Member of Congress… call his/her office, if possible
    GO TO the office. Take friends with you, call the press, paper & let
    them know you are doing this. Download Indivisible: A Practical Guide
    for Resisting the Trump Agenda & organize! Start with 2-3-4 people
    & grow…. it will happen! We can win!

  • Jill Carlson

    Your last sentence makes me the saddest. Try prayer. you will see a difference in your life and others.

  • Avon Blood-Sulser

    Are we certain he is not Palin in disguise, or perhaps she is his speech writer.

  • Carol Carbonell

    I heard that Korsakoff syndrome may cause confabulation.

  • Maryellen Zepczyk Race

    I was asked to read this adn I am amazed at the negativity towards the Republicans and Trump. WOw… perhaps current events and what Obama has been up to would be a better place to start?

  • Maryellen Zepczyk Race

    what do you think Hillary’s ‘neurological’ issues stemmed from? Clintons were involved in drug smuggling in Arkansas.

  • hezjo

    So you elected one? Weird

  • Julia Christelle

    Ha ha ha ha ha ha…..!!!!! You sound like you probably come from Arkansas!

  • DJohnson

    More states voted for Trump than Hillary. And that’s what matters.

  • Hamish Burgess

    Absolute rubbish Katrina. The EU threatened nobody. The EU does not have armed forces. The UK is about to activate a clause to leave an international body to which it belongs by various agreements and treaties. The word ‘secede’ does not apply because the EU is neither a federal nor an incorporating union, every member is an independent country. Oh, and I am a UK citizen, so don’t try your bullshit with me.

  • Matthew McClaugherty

    I can interpret my 4 and 5 year old and have no f’n clue what the hell he just said. I’ve got a headache and a nose bleed now…..

  • JustMe

    More than half of us did not vote for Trump. Russia fixed the election for Trump. Trump wanted for years to build in Russia.. He appointed Tillerson who lost billions on building a pipeline because of US sanctions, now things will change. Trump plans to lift all sanctions on Russia. Trump will use the Executive office to enrich his business..

  • JustMe

    You elected Trump because you were conned. Trump is a cnb man always was. If you are sick of working for useless and corrupt why did you re elect the same GOP congress again? so you want to work to pay for corporate tax cuts and higher CEO bonuses.. Got it.

  • JustMe

    A recession worse than what Bush left us,, believe it .. Every economist predicts this

  • Gillian McAllister

    That explains it !

  • Gillian McAllister

    OMG – more babbling……..

  • heaven knows, i didnt vote for jill stein. but “closet nazi” does not describe her. not an iota of a speck. it’s closer to gary johnson [by a nanomolecule], whom i also didnt vote for, but i wouldnt say it about him either.

  • Morgan

    He has already filled his “swamp” with the worst sort of alligators there are–CORPORATE BILLIONAIRE WHORES WHO GET MILLION$ IN TAX BREAKS WHILE WE THE MIDDLE CLASS GET HAMMERED. ANYBODY who thinks they didn’t just elect the most useless and corrupt SOB ever to foul up DC is just as insane as he is!

  • Morgan

    Oh, there won’t be any of those. Remember—the Cons have made it illegal to feed homeless and starving people, because—JESUS. Or at least the REPUGLICON JESUS.

  • Morgan


  • Jonathan Smith

    Agree with the sentiments, but the phrase “window licker” is my eyes, as someone who has worked his whole life in special needs education and struggled to bring SEN issues into the human rights arena, as offensive as talk of “pussy grabbing”. Why would you use that term?


    Well, I am man enough to say I am wrong when I am wrong. But Johnson is a mental midget; and was poorly, poorly prepared ever to be a president. But Stein is dangerous in her own right. Referring to her as a

    Nazi is / was unfair. However, Stein is anti-vaccinating children which is reckless at the very least. Thank you for putting my straight.

  • KunoichiWarrior

    Stein’s rhetoric matched Trump’s except she was a better speaker and coherent. She was no better than Trump. I called her Trump with a vagina.

  • KunoichiWarrior

    Which would be most Trump supporters. Y’all just voted in Mr. Useless and Corrupt.

  • jmcasas

    A little presumptuous saying “We elected…” and that “we are …sick of working to take care of the Useless and Corrupt”?!? One thing for certain, because of those who voted for Drumpf YOU/WE all will have to work 100x harder to take care of the Useless and Corrupt!! Thank you to all you “smart”, “informed” voters who wanted to make America Great Again! WRONG!!

  • jmcasas

    Right?!?! And just yesterday he Backtracked….again….and said he is going to ask congress to pay for the wall. Tough talking Donnie the Connie…..Didn’t like or believe the idiot then and certainly despise him more than ever NOW!! WE R FKD for sure!!

  • jmcasas

    Please forgive the ignorant! They read trash and believe it’s the truth……not bothering to fact check, etc… So many idiots out there who still believe he is the best thing since the invention of the mobile phone!

  • jmcasas

    wait until they can no longer afford insurance! They’ll blame Obama….as usual!

  • jmcasas

    “I know more than the generals”, blah, blah blah……….that right there should have given everyone who voted for this insane man a HUGE clew!!

  • jmcasas

    gordo, totally agree with you. What has been said for years is going to be coming to fruition! No more middle class (a large portion of the population who voted for this insane man). I have distance myself from many friends already and you are correct!! That is the easy part.

  • brian

    So many stupid people in one country makes for a Trump…

  • brian

    I use to admire this “country”, now this country has one big joke. The reality is, this joker of a leader is now a threat to the rest of the world. If Americans thought Bush was a disaster as a President, Trump is going to make him look like he was the greatest President of America and Obama was divine. How in anything holy people of America vote for that madman, is beyond reason…

  • Pingback: Trump | Kalikellett()

  • Robin Hoose

    RE: Katrina……I’m just shaking my head….we are doomed!!

  • mogran

    A liberal no doubt…we don’t need anymore liberal crap…we’ve had far too much of that kind of rambling already

  • mogran

    Give me a break…Russia fix was nothing more than liberal dem frustration and attempt to skew public opinion

  • mogran

    Absolutely cannot be worse than the last 8 years have been…welfare rolls will drop and working for a living will begin for many of ’em

  • Joanne Hyduck Hopkins

    OH JESUS ……. another word salad brain….Palin-like

  • Debra Alvis

    Honestly, what does it take for you people to get it. Is it really that hard for you’ll to admit he’s not fit to dig ditches.!

  • Barbara Herrmann

    Yes I did vote for her, and now he’s in there I don’t know how four years of being with i just hope 4 years will go by fast

  • RDDD

    It has been discovered that people that will miss President Obama the most and are on welfare and affordable Health care (Obamacare) are the same ones that voted for Trump and they are white. The people in West Virginia are crying right now afraid Trump will take away lose benefits they never had before President Obama got in office. Your President elected and GOP doesn’t care about you supporters that are middle class and poor and never will. You guys were just a method for them to accomplish what they wanted, money and power. The speaker of the house Paul Ryan is working on taking everything for the citizen of America including social security. President Obama has vetoed it every time it came up but your President elected has no problem with approving. He wants to run this country like a dictator. That’s why he likes Putin because that what he is. If he cared for you don’t think he would have put someone in his cabinet that was like his hard working supporters and that could relate to them and not just billionaires who have nothing in common with you. they are talking about taking our jobs away and giving them to robots. President Obama hasn’t even left the office and already Trump and GOP trying to cut the Affordable Health Care. And because of it Hospitals are already laying off employees, rural hospital are closing, and worst of all people that use to be able to get their cancer treatments that was covered found out that their treatments nor anyone else with serious illness treatment are no longer covered neither is their medicine. They can no longer afford their medicines. Insurances are also taking people of their insures if they have existing illness. The rich will get a 15% per cent increase in tax cuts, and the none rich taxes will increase. When this president get through with this country you will wish for the days of President Obama. FYI – This president doesn’t plan for it to be another president after him just like Putin and Hitler.

  • Rachel Bohrer

    This is an article, not the transcript. You can read the whole transcript if you click the link. The article explains that in the first sentence.

  • RDDD

    When someone shows you who he or she really is believe them. This president elect keeps showing everyone who he really (another Putin and Hitler) is yet his supporters refused to believe. His actions shows that he care about no one but the rich and powerful yet they keep trusting and believing him. I dare you guys that believe in him to go to the history channel when they are talking about Hitler especially how he got in office and listen to the speech he made and you will see that they have a great deal in common. Believe it or not there will come a time you will wish for Hillary or President Obama because freedom and the luxuries that go with it as we know it is are getting ready to change for the worst. Jobs are being lost already, medical benefits are being taken away and they are trying to stop social security. President always vetoed things that would talk away from the people but the president elect has already said he will approved what ever the GOP wants. You will think you are living in the times of the Jews during Hitler’s time. Russia is a small country and he needs the most powerful country in the world to take over the world and he knows all he has to do is to stroke the president elect’s ego and he will be able to do that with the president elect’s assistance and Put gets what he wants he will kick president elect to the curb because he won’t need him anymore.

  • Kenn Belanger

    bought the bullshit didn’t ya???

  • Saarbruecken

    ..and where were you the previous 8 years? Not born yet?

  • Quinn Harbin

    Yes, a sign of neurological dysfunction.

  • Lisa M Cara

    In debt!

  • Lisa M Cara

    Karma for angry white people led by the nose by the knowledge of give them what they want up front, then change it all until the confusion obscures the facts, nothing like capitalists and “ooh shiney” hooks reeling them in.

  • Quinn Harbin

    Trump will be in office in two weeks- how is that not current events? Perhaps you can point out the positive aspects of Trump’s performance during this interview. As a psychiatrist, I see symptoms of neurological dysfunction and would immediately refer him to a neurologist. This is relevant and deeply concerning information about our next president.

  • Quinn Harbin

    Trump supporters read a different form of media that we call, “fake news” and “propaganda”.

  • anthonyadams

    Ya – the welfare rolls will drop because the uninsured will drop dead! His budget add $1 trillion to the debt each year….nice conservative. Unemployment will go back up to Bush’s 9% because Trump will never – NEVER – bring jobs back from overseas and US corporations are not going to build new factories. He claims he saved a whopping 800 jobs at Carrier by giving them $7 million in tax breaks – $7 million they have already said they will use to upgrade and AUTOMATE their factory – putting people out of work (but they won’t be sending those robot jobs to Mexico). Trump and crew is just one huge (bigly) cluster fuck.

  • anthonyadams

    So who is going to take care of YOU when YOU become useless and corrupt and bankrupt from Trump’s policies, actions, and the GOP dismantling of our society.

  • anthonyadams

    Sorry but American conservative Republicans aren’t very bright….and they are prone to lying and make up stuff because they lack comprehension of any facts or truth.

  • anthonyadams

    False doctrine. States do not vote, people do and that is all that counts. Trump, the GOP, and Putin rigged the election; the GOP’s voter ID laws turned away tens of thousands of voters..they plan to disenfranchise liberals is working as well as Hitler’s plan to round up the Jews.

  • Lesley

    The EU absolutely DID NOT threaten Britain with war if we left the EU Community. Did Trump tell you that? Please speak of things about which you know and understand.

  • odumosu

    The American Psychiatry Association (APA) is vicariously liable for fostering this mad man on the nation. Everyone knew he was crazy. All the APA needed to have done was to come out publicly to express that opinion. Now we are stuck with him for the next four years, with the specter of a Third World War started by him as a constant nightmare.

  • Michaela Hohenadel

    Could you provide sources of the EU having threatened GB with war? How come nobody has asked this question before?

  • Rhonda Pope Maddux

    What reality do you live in?

  • Rhonda Pope Maddux

    Wow, just wow. Breathless ignorance, just like Trump.

  • DJohnson

    The majority of the people in 37 states voted for Donald Trump. Compare that to the majority of the people in 13 states, along with D.C., who voted for Clinton. That means that Donald Trump won the majority of the states, therefore, he was the declared winner. That is how our system works, and how it has worked for 200+ years now. Hillary Clinton won the popular vote because of the 3 states that house the 3 largest cities in America; New York, California, and Illinois. So now, folks such as yourself, want to change the system that has been working for 200+ years. You want to change it to a popular vote system, which would, in affect, wipe out the voices of the people in 47 states and relinquish all power to only those people residing in those 3 states that house the 3 largest cities. Your answer is No. You are going to have to put on your big boy/girl pants and suck it up. You lost. And no amount of conspiracy theories and crazy antics by your comrades is going to change that simple fact. You need to get over it and stop acting like big babies throwing temper tantrums. You look and sound ridiculous. Putin did not vote for Trump. We The People did. And there has only been one Adolph Hitler, and he’s dead. So pick yourself up off of the ground, dust yourself off, and behave like the adult you’re supposed to be.

  • Rhonda Pope Maddux


  • Hamish Burgess

    As one who has no political bias as regards US parties, I have to say that I think his supporters are in for a sorry wake-up in the near future when things start getting chaotic.

  • Tim Grills

    Really? Perhaps you’ve forgotten where we were. Banks failing, housing market tanking, auto industry failing, stock market tanking, dead soldiers names scrolling across the evening news, planes flying into NYC buildings, 2 wars being fought on credit. 800,000 jobs A MONTH lost. Millions lost everything they had. How can you possibly look yourself in the mirror and say that with a straight face?

  • Marty McDonald

    We’ve elected Dumb and Dumber.

  • h
  • h
  • thurlbeck

    He’s got a really BIG BRAIN the problem is his head is too small to hold it.

  • Trumper

    So, you’re say that if it wasn’t for Gary Johnson and Jill Stein all the “mental migits” and “closet Nazis” would have voted for Hillary. What does say about the kind of people that support Hillary? Except the fact a business man and not a politician won the election. We need someone to clean up the mess left by the politicians that were running the country the past 8 years.

  • ilisius

    Oops, wrong addressee.

  • feistychic

    Oh, I see…another idiot who is incapable of separating facts from shit Republicans lie about.

  • feistychic

    Would you mind expounding on “mess”? The only mess left from the last year 8 years is the lazy ass Republicans run Congress who managed to get paid for taking vacations.

  • feistychic

    Oh, you mean the corporate oligarchs who suck more government tit than underpaid overworked middle class ever could? Those useless and corrupt?

  • feistychic

    What about 1 person, 1 vote? The Electoral College is as outdated as Daylight Savings Time.

  • feistychic

    Do you have credible proof of that, or are you just one more blood thirsty Right Winger willing to swallow any swill about the Clinton’s in your party’s attempt to vilify them?

  • Erin Redding

    Holy Fuck – People actually voting for this salad? WOW!!

  • feistychic

    Have you never listened to him speak….ever? Because if you did and you truly listened, the rambling word salad garbage that runs out of his pieholes is how he speaks ALL THE TIME! I feel sorry for your complete …is it willful ignorance or just abject stupidity?

  • feistychic

    Clueless much?

  • feistychic

    Liberals are the only reason this country hasn’t totally and completely failed, you idiot. All you have to do is look at how much better EVERYONE does under a liberal president.

  • josette63

    the planet won’t last 4 years after the all-out nuclear war. but, don’t worry about the DC crowd and the very wealthy they have their fallout shelters to keep them safe and comfy as we roast.

  • Kim Randolph

    The inherited cluster fuck from the previous administration. Statistics show during the Obama administration that he has improved all of those things, he is also one of the few presidents that had a higher approval rating leaving office then any other

  • HawkRawk

    It’s people like you who are the problem with this country. Close minded and ignorant and unable to deduce fact from fiction. Trump would finger bang your wife and tell you it’s OK and you would still give him a reach around.

  • Former Christian

    That happened because the districts are all gerrymandered for the Republicans. They got their man in there, but I don’t think that they were ready for the party to be hijacked by a billionaire lunatic… they got what they deserved, I just hope we can survive it!

  • Former Christian

    For years, the Republicans have used “Christian” morals to hoodwink their constituents. They don’t care about abortion any more than my dog does, but it buys them votes in the media. Ask them how can they be pro-life when they want to starve the same generation of kids that they cried about a month before when they were still in the womb. Sadam became Muslim for the same reasons. He didn’t believe, but the people he wanted to control did. In the end, the Moral Majority became the Duped Majority.

  • Former Christian

    Can you get TV channels other than Fox?

  • Former Christian

    Let up will ya!? He was only 2 when all that was going on…

  • Former Christian

    It will just be a slower death for them. When those deadweights come out, they will have to grow their own food again. There won’t be anyone to steal it from.

  • Former Christian

    On this I think we break even. On one hand the Russians probably did hack the dems… but they showed us how corrupt they are and we did nothing about it! They did us a favor, but we didn’t take advantage of the information.. they thought shrillary would still win.. with the Bernie folks telling them it wouldn’t happen.

  • aspromised

    Trump thinks nukes can be delivered with pin-point precision.

  • Kate Salvino

    I’ve always been horrified by Donald, but this takes horrified to an entirely different dimension…shit, I was actually having a pretty good day until I read this.

  • Maria Mcnamee-Hirt

    A prayer anyone can do: Give us gratitude that overflows and kindness to share. Forgive us the wrong we have done and the good we did not do. We entrust ourselves to your mercy. Help us see clearly and fight bravely. Give hate no place in us. Help us love fully. Fiercely defend the poor and lost through our hands. We welcome wisdom and turn away from falsehood. Thank you.

  • Lynda Naatz Richter

    Yes, all those children, elderly, disabled, and mentally ill will go out and get (and keep) jobs that actually support them at $7.25. Most recipients of Food Stamps (the #1 benefit) work (including enlisted military personnel), are retired, Disabled, or children. You obviously do not understand who gets benefits. W2W (Welfare to Work) was instituted over 7 years ago. We no longer have “welfare”. The only way to live without working is Disability, which is VERY difficult to get. It averages $865 a month with $14 (yes, 1 4) in food stamps a month. Not enough to live on. Please educate yourself before spouting nonsense you know nothing about.

  • Chris Lamberto

    Well, it’s understandable. Being Anti-vaccine makes her pretty much like Hitler and you have shown yourself to be well-informed and reasonable. Party on dude.


    If you read my follow up response, you will note I retracted the reference to Nazism.


    You actually believe Trump will clean up a mess that in fact does not exist. Perhaps you should take a close look at the multi-billionaires, privatizing obsessed people Trump has surrounded himself with. This “business man” is all about business all right: All for himself, his goons and his cronies. His “you’re fired” has become “America, you’re screwed”. Laughing all the way to the bank.


    Ah, yes, stay in your bubble of denial. Skew public opinion? Really? Oh, forget it. Stay with FAUX News and embrace non-reality.


    Let’s see how that corruption factor blends with this new administration. The super rich feeding the super rich. We the people do not matter, nor do we count in their super plush formulae.

  • crash55

    If only he could save jobs from going to Mexico. Oh yes he did that with Carrier. If only he could encourage companies not to move to Mexico. Oh he did that when Ford’s CEO called Trump to say they cancelled building a plant in Mexico. If only he could have a positive impact on the stock market. Oh that’s right, the DOW is set to hit an all-time high. But It’s a shame he is so rambling and crazy. If only we can hope he has some kind of positive impact when he actually becomes President.

  • crash55

    Since you seem to have no idea why the electoral college was put in place as a way of deciding elections over the popular vote, I would save your breath.

  • JLEW


  • JLEW

    Arrgh. So true.

  • JLEW

    You must be one of those paid Trump trolls from Russia.

  • Kendalblue

    You made me laugh so hard !! I totally agree with you ….

  • Hiring Instructors

    Welfare is down. Fact it more others than blacks on welfare.

  • Maureen Humber Richards

    You can’t argue with crazy!

  • George

    Nope, not clueless at all, unlike the “still in shock” liberals, who want to blame anyone but their candidate Hillary and her failed and corrupt policies and behavior. Obama certainly didn’t help, since he’s been through worst President ever, much worse than GW Bush or Carter. All in all, I find the liberal hysteria funny and sad at the same time.

  • Maureen Humber Richards

    You needed more than two paragraphs??? Bless you!

  • ExileOC

    it’s okay to be dillusional morgan, we are all going through a time of transition right now…

  • Karen Spratt

    Huh that was Bush era

  • Kenneth C. Fingeret

    Hello Gloria Shur Bilchick and Everyone, This is one of the HIGHPOINTS of the RONALD (6) WILSON (6) REAGAN (6) REVOLUTION. The path taken can’t be reversed so we continue to go into the HEART OF DARKNESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Kenneth C. Fingeret

    Hello JLEW, Did you object to the electoral college in the past? I do not believe that the disaster ends in 4 years but a second 4 years with the same POS in charge is quite possible assuming we don’t have a world war that involves the “N” word weapons! Not much left after their use.

  • Kenneth C. Fingeret

    Hello morgan, Time to go back to your home planet in another loci of the multiverse – Bizarro World!!!!!!!!!

  • Kenneth C. Fingeret

    Hello Former Christian, The people known as the “moral majority” were neither moral nor a majority of anything, except their own inflated egos!!!!!

  • Kenneth C. Fingeret

    Hello Katrina Winkler, Are you planning to get rid of the 1% and their toadies? Useless and Corrupt is a perfectly valid description.

  • friendlier

    Gerrymandering is going to come to the fore as one of the most essential topics between now and November 2018.

  • Lady Legasus

    I literally laughed out loud at that nonsense.

  • AlbertS

    Judge him by his performance over the next six months. He’s right about wind turbines – they are an expensive mechanical nightmare with high maintenance cost, an unreliable power source, which is not economically viable without subsidy from your tax money – they are ugly and hawks and eagles are killed. BFD Can anything be worse than the Bush/Obama years?

  • crash55

    No, I just decided to look at why the electoral system was put in place instead of glibly saying it should be abolished, which seems to be the mindless opinion of many democrats.

  • Kevin T

    This is a real look into his mind. Trumplethinskin has lived his life spinning lies into gold…The only problem is, he has reached the end of his ability to deceive…Most greedy people overlook the character of people as long as they can make a buck off of them, if they are involved in the scam, they can overlook the “chasm” of emptiness which Trumplethinskin inhabits…Now, everyone in the world will see his ineptitude, he is no longer hidden by the veil of bullsh1p, he has built all of these years.

  • Yvonne Phillips

    I truly believe he has learned much since then. He has repeatedly shown that he cares about our country and it’s people. After all he lives here. He is doing a very good job of outing the media for the liars they are. He is taking down the propaganda machine in a brilliant way and I’m hopeful to see what happens next.

  • Alex Paylor

    Cocaine more likely. Sniff, sniff.

  • Alex Paylor

    Been pissed with the electoral College since 2000. If the actual winner had been President this world would be a much different place. A better place. That’s twice in 16 years the EC has failed.

  • Alex Paylor

    That’s what Tim is saying. Read it again, slowly.

  • nobleknight2

    Key idea: educate yourselves before spouting nonsense!

  • DJohnson

    Suddenly, the Electoral College is outdated. Sheesh! You know what’s outdated? Your argument. Hillary lost. Donald won. Now deal with it like an adult and not a toddler throwing a temper tantrum.

  • sanjidude

    The old racists will have to die out before our country can change for the better. Losing their health care and huge cuts to Medicare will move this along rather quickly and they have no one to blame but themselves.

  • G.l. Villars

    I am having a severe brain hemorrhage trying to grasp that this is not a very bad dream.

  • Susan Mendell

    I see you have been drinking from the trupmf kool-aid wagon again.

  • Nancy Bowman

    OMG! The President of the United States of America?? Thank God he’s only the mouthpiece for that great republican agenda he’s smokescreenig every single time he speaks! Trying to make us see what a smart brain he has…lol He’s making an ass out of himself..And birds!
    What a disgrace he is to this great Country!

  • rsl

    Total BS. The things you say are happening are absolutely not. Obamacare is still the law till they change it. There are people who are no longer able to get treatment because Obamacare severely limits what they will do for the elderly and the very sick…unless of course, you are an illegal and then to quote our own doctor when insurance refuse my sister a better treatment because it was too costly… it would be against the law NOT to give you the very best care available. Thats the part Trump will fix. US citizens first in all things….its about damn time.

  • rsl

    Clearly you do not live in Michigan.

  • rsl

    Sure you do not believe that she really added over 2 million votes AFTER the close of the polls, do you???? Thats exactly why Jeh Johnson took over voting machines. He does not want anyone to be able to prove it. The fix (erasures) will be made before Trump can have them audited You have me cracking up laughing here.


    Crack up all you want.

  • Pierre Couture

    Trump’s Solution to Climate Change is Nuclear Winter.

  • myra huddleston

    While you are as cray ,cray as Trump! Comparing welfare to nukes! Please tell me you aren’t procreating !

  • This is the result of an atrocious primary election process. The electoral college is not a problem and is key to the republic. But, both parties FAIL their membership by not having ballots that rank candidates with an automatic runoff. Even the general election should have ranked balloting so people can select second and third choices. Otherwise, we always end up with choosing the least worst of the two spike votes on the extreme side of the given party. This is especially likely with numerous contenders who draw votes off the spike of attention candidate. I just hope Trump will stay off the air and let his superb staff be his voice.

  • lk

    “Obamacare severely limits what they will do for the elderly and the very sick” – can you give an example? Just curious. Thanks.

  • Ray Lesene

    4Godsakkes Why is this man allowto serve in this position with KNOWN mental health PROFESSIONAL have made numerous comments about Trump’s mental state being way off center. This country’s leaders know that he is not a well person. Stop him before it too damn LATE !!!

  • Dom

    This is truly frightening, he is incoherent, sounds like he has early to middle stages of Dementia. His supporters definitely have a mental illness to not have understood what kind of insanity this man has been spewing.

  • legendaryhound

    Where did you get this information?

  • drew

    still not in office tbh. Hes not done any regime change, hes not killed kids in syria, yemen, or lybia obomber and hillary has its left farce.

  • memory

    So articulate is necessary requirement for President? Obama very articulate but absolutely worst President in my 72 years.

  • memory

    You make no sense

  • memory


  • Kenneth C. Fingeret

    Hello memory, Could you be a bit more cryptic?

  • Three Dollar Bill

    As they say: “verbosity betrays befuddled thinking.”

  • Birdie Turner

    The electoral college was put in place to save our country from really bad voting decisions. It isn’t working as planned.

  • arlene clarke

    RU kidding me…..disability might take some time to get but it’s gotten, just look at the numbers now and 10 yrs. ago. I believe it’s full of abusers, as well as many welfare recipients. There is little incentive anymore to be hard working, it’s easier to sit back and let the government take care of you.

  • L. Jennings

    Verbal diarrhea.

  • Emily post

    Windmills do kill a lot of birds….

  • Molly Shane

    this sounds more like dementia than anything that ever came from Ronald Reagan after he was diagnosed with alzheimers.

  • crash55

    The electoral college was put in place to protect the integrity of the State. If the popular vote decided the election, the states with high populations like California and New York would always decide who gets elected. Hillary won the popular vote because of California which overwhelmingly votes for the democrats. Without California, she would have lost the popular vote. I have always noted that those who did not vote for the winner call it a bad voting decision.

  • Allen

    Crash. I agree with you on why we have the electoral college, but it’s antiquated. Trump won 3 battleground states by one percent or less, meaning that a vote for Hillary, actually went to Trump. One’s vote whether Democrat or Republican should go to the person they voted for. Heck, with the electoral college, the three west coast states didn’t even count, the election was decided before any west coast ballot was counted. Combined with the fact that Hillary won by 2.9 million votes and she still lost is definitely not democratic. Majority should mean something in a democracy.

  • pearlridgeview

    Know what the biggest human-produced killer of birds? Buildings with a lot of glass. Like T-Rump towers. No kidding, look it up.

  • crash55

    I don’t get this “Trump won 3 battleground states by one percent or less, meaning that a vote for Hillary, actually went to Trump” He won those states by small margins, but he won them. I think you meant to say her votes ended not counting in her favour, but that what can happen. Losing by a small or large amount is still losing. The problem is that if you get rid of the electoral college then the state loses it’s power. If you are going to go by popular vote then you are treated everyone as one homogeneous group so you might as well get rid of all the states. The United States of America just becomes America.

  • Joe Blow

    Well if you ever need it Arlene, it probably won’t be available after Trump and his Republican cronies get done. Good luck standing in that bread line.

  • Kathleen Wigmore

    YIPES that is all I have to say! That conversation is a real head scratcher and did not even touch the question.

  • Kim Sutter

    Wow, you’re in for a disappointment. Do you actually know how much people on welfare get per month? Do you understand that many would have little time with their children working full time and still can’t pay the bills and are I paycheck from being homeless. How about you stop worrying about poor families and look into the real crooks stealing millions of dollars right in front of your face

  • ccaffrey

    I was talking about it before THIS election. It’s going to be a heavy lift voting in more Dems in such heavily gerrymandered districts going in. We need MASSIVE turnouts in the midterms. The other possibility is to study up on the possibility of passing state constitutional amendments to assign redistricting to an independent commission made up of various academicians, census experts and statisticians. Several states have already done this. Brennan Center for Justice has more info on this.

  • ccaffrey

    I actually think some gendrals would stage a coup as their primary oath is to protect the COUNTRY from threats foreign AND DOMESTIC.

  • Play Time

    You have absolutely no idea what you are talking about. But, you are entertaining 🙂

  • Anthony Seward

    That’s probably why he liked Palin and had her help campaign for him, they think alike and express themselves in similar ways – neither one of them has any intelligence or ability to articulate, but he’s far more dangerous than Palin ever was and we’re really in for it now. In 10 days he’ll be in charge, people! God help us!

  • Jackie Benners Redmond

    Window-licker? Are you serious? Wow. What a discriminatory word.

  • bettysyouraunt

    i hate almost everything about dt. I figured he had a learning disability once i realized he couldn’t read. I spend most of my time on fb trying to figure out a way to mitigate the damage his admin will most certainly cause. But, i have to say, even though he cannot articulate it in a clear or concise way, I agree with him (can hardly believe i printed those words!) about windmills. They have an unbelievable carbon footprint for: material extraction, parts transportation, assembly, and maintenance, and they are wreaking havoc on birds in many places. What he said about eagles is true and must be factored into any worthwhile calculation of sustainability.

  • bigoljericho
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  • Roy Meyer

    I hate bust anyone’s bubble but put your feelings aside for a moment and let’s just look at true data and face true facts. This comes from a colleague of Trey Gowdy and you can find the entire article if you wish on facebook. The following is approx. last 2/3rd of the article. Plus, the few times faithless electors have gone against their party’s nominee, they’ve never swung an election.

    There are 3,141 counties in the United States.

    Trump won 3,084 of them.
    Clinton won 57.

    There are 62 counties in New York State.

    Trump won 46 of them.
    Clinton won 16.

    Clinton won the popular vote by approx. 1.5 million votes.

    In the 5 counties that encompass NYC, (Bronx, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Richmond & Queens) Clinton received well over 2 million more votes than Trump. (Clinton only won 4 of these counties; Trump won Richmond)

    Therefore these 5 counties alone, more than accounted for Clinton winning the popular vote of the entire country.

    These 5 counties comprise 319 square miles.
    The United States is comprised of 3, 797,000 square miles.

    When you have a country that encompasses almost 4 million square miles of territory, it would be ludicrous to even suggest that the vote of those who inhabit a mere 319 square miles should dictate the outcome of a national election.

    Large, densely populated Democrat cities (NYC, Chicago, LA, etc) don’t and shouldn’t speak for the rest of our country.


  • crash55

    I could not have said it better myself.

  • you asked

    Did you notice how the Sibley guide left out jet planes on their list? I’m sure you read where over 70K Canadian geese were killed when they struck Flight 1549, which landed in the Hudson. That’s just 1 flight. You might want to check the number of European starlings killed by airplane engines, too.

  • you asked

    How about do away with political parties altogether & this way people can vote on whose plans they like the best instead of voting solely down political party lines. This is why DJT won is because many of Bernie supporters refused to support HRC after what the DNC did to him. Even HRC supporters claimed they jumped ship & voted for DJT because he had a plan & all she kept talking about was DJT. She had no plan, so why would anyone vote for her?

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  • Lynda Naatz Richter

    Proven to have a fraud rate < 2%, actually.

  • Lynda Naatz Richter

    Correct, but you must be “christian” (read anti abortion, single issue) to get their vote.

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  • Toro

    by every objective m,measure, 90% of Americans are worse off under Obama, you retard

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